The Stellar Blade patch notes for update 1.003 detail new suits coming to the game, a Boss Challenge mode, and other adjustments.

The first big content patch for Stellar Blade is here, and the notes for 1.003 include some fun additions. The most important aspects of the update are the Boss Challenge mode and multiple new outfits to dress EVE with.

Let's go over everything we know is included.

Stellar Blade patch 1.003 brings Boss Challenge mode

(Image via SHIFT UP)
(Image via SHIFT UP)

The highlight of Stellar Blade patch 1.003 is Boss Challenge. This is a brand-new mode to the game, and it is pretty self-explanatory.

There are 19 bosses in the base game of Stellar Blade, and Boss Challenge allows you to take on any of them at any time.

You can pick the settings used, and even keep track of stats like parries, damage taken, potions used, and how fast you defeat the boss. They are all repeatable.

Three new suits arrive with the update

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Stellar Blade patch 1.003 adds a few new suits to the game. One of them is tied to the aforementioned Boss Challenge, and the other two are available through Adam's safehouse:

  • Neurolink Suit: Defeat every boss in Boss Challenge on Normal or higher difficulty.
  • White Kunoichi: Available through Adam's safehouse.
  • Black Kunoichi: Available through Adam's safehouse.

Kunoichi is a Japanese cant term for "woman," often associated with those who practice ninjutsu. It is pop culture terminology, and makes sense to see EVE outfitted with them.

Multiple quality of life improvements with Stellar Blade patch 1.003

Lastly, Stellar Blade 1.003 focuses on quality of life updates in its notes. The developers fixed many bugs that made parts of the game unplayable.

They also added an auto lock-on option when exiting ranged mode, an option to always show the compass in the HUD, control and balance tweaks, along with increased time limit for some puzzles.

The update arrives on May 24, so stay tuned to for more esports news and Stellar Blade coverage.