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How many missions does Stellar Blade have?

Stellar Blade has a surprising amount of gameplay for a small number of missions.

Stellar Blade, the new action game from South Korean developer ShiftUp and director Hyung-Tae Kim, has released, but just how many missions does Stellar Blade have and how long will it take to beat?

Stellar Blade released on May 26, 2024, exclusively on PlayStation 5. The game is a mostly linear third-person action game that cribs from contemporaries like FromSoftware's Souls series, and Nier: Automata. At a surprisingly small download size, how many levels does Stellar Blade have and how long does it take to complete from end to end?

How many missions are in Stellar Blade?

There are 8 main story missions in Stellar Blade, spanning from just loading into your search for the third Hyper Cell. The main campaign missions are as follows, including each of their sub-objectives. If you're interested in learning specifics about some of these missions, check out our other Stellar Blade content.

Campaign missions

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the story of Stellar Blade's campaign

  • Mission 1, 7th Airborne Squad:
    - Follow Tachy to the Rendezvous Point
  • Mission 2, Scavenger Adam:
  • - Go to the Hall of Records
    - Follow Adam's guidance
    - Operate the crane to go to the sewer facility
    - Go to the Alpha Naytiba location
    - Defeat the Alpha Naytiba Gigas
    - Retrieve the Alpha Core
  • Mission 3, Xion, The Last Remaining City:
    - Follow Adam
    - Head to Sisters' Junk
    - Head to the Safehouse
    - Talk to Adam
  • Mission 4, Altess Levoire:
    - Go to the Wastelands
    - Go to Altess Levoire
    - Retrieve the second Hyper Cell
  • Mission 5, Light of Hope:
    - Return to Xion
    - Go to the Presence Chamber
    - Talk to Orcal
    - Talk to Adam at the Safehouse
  • Mission 6, Alpha Signal:
    - Go to Matrix 11
    - Defeat the Alpha Naytiba
    - Defeated Subjugated Tachy
  • Mission 7, Hidden Truth:
    - Talk to Adam at the Safehouse
  • Mission 8, Abyss Levoire:
    - Go to Abyss Levoire
    - Retrieve the final Hyper Cell

That's all you need to know when it comes to Stellar Blade's campaign missions. If you're interested in learning more about just how long it will take to complete these levels, check out our campaign length guide here.