PUBG Global Championship kicks off on November 19 with 32 of the best teams from across the world competing in the $2 million event. SUPER IS BACK!

Krafton and PUBG Corporation have unveiled details of the PUBG Global Invitation 2021 which will begin on November 19. The tournament will LAN play for PUBG esports and also features a new scoring system.

When does PGC 2021 start?

Like many other titles, PUBG esports was hit hard due to the COVID pandemic. The developer announced PGI.S and two PCS tournaments to fill the void in PUBG esports.

The finale of PUBG esports will feature a mixture of LAN and online events. Teams from surrounding regions will fly to Paradise City in Incheon, Korea to participate in a LAN environment. 32 teams from all over the world will compete from November 19 - December 19. The PGC 2021 has a massive $2 million prize pool, but there will also be additional financial incentive in the form of crowdfunding.

PUBG Global Championship Prize pool receives Crowdfunding Boost

In addition to the massive $2 million prize pool, the PGC will use 30% of profit earned from PUBG item sales that will be added directly to the prize pool. Teams can benefit from the increased monetary assistance and fan support.

PUBG GLobal Invitational will feature 12 teams from Asia, 8 teams from Europe, 6 APAC teams and 6 teams from the Americas region.

What is the PGC 2021 tournament format?

PGC 2021 will consist of a 5-week long tournament including 1 week of Rank Decision, 3 weeks of Weekly League and a Grand Final during the last week.

The schedule for PGC 2021. Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">PUBG Esports</a>.
The schedule for PGC 2021. Image Credit: PUBG Esports.

Rank Decision

  • Preliminary Rank Decision matches will take place during the very first week to decide which 16 teams will start in the first Weekly Survival.

Weekly Survival

  • 16 Weekly Survival matches take place over 3 days during the week. Teams must win a Chicken Dinner to advance to the Weekly Finals.
  • The remaining 15 teams from each lobby will be joined by the next team in line from the Bottom 16 waiting list.

Weekly Final

A total of 10 matches play out over two days and the best team will automatically earn a spot in the Grand Final.

  • The winning team from each Weekly Final (3 teams total) will earn a spot in the Grand Final
  • The top 9 teams with highest points accumulated across all 3 weeks of Weekly Finals will also advance to the Grand Final
  • The remaining teams that did not advance to the Grand Final will participate in the Grand Survival. Teams who win a Chicken Dinner in each of the 4 matches in the Grand Survival will fill the remaining Grand Final spots.

Grand Final

  • The 16 qualified teams will compete in a 15-match tournament over 3 days.
  • The Grand Final standings based on SUPER Point Rule will determine the Grand Champion of PGC 2021.

Scoring system at PGC 2021. SUPER's back?

PUBG had made changes to the scoring system for PCS4 and PCS5 this year. The new scoring system faced criticism from the community and professional players. In its latest announcement, PUBG will get a new scoring system after feedback from teams across the world. Here are the changes to the scoring system for PGC 2021.

  • As an exception, the Weekly Survival matches will feature WWCD format and not use SUPER Point Rule.
  • All other matches will use the SUPER Point Rule and consider both placement points and kill points.
  • The SUPER Point Rule will decide the final rankings, using both placement points and kill points.

The new scoring system will lay less emphasis on Chicken Dinners, thereby enabling more competitive games. It also reduces the importance of the circle zone, which had an overwhelming impact in the previous system.

While there are changes to the scoring system, the community's reaction has been mixed. Some are excited that PUBG finally listened to the feedback, albeit the implementation took a long time.

Others feel the new system is a mix of the old SUPER as well as WWCD formats.

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