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PUBG Continental Series 4 (PCS4): Schedule, format and prize pool

Krafton has announced a few changes to the PUBG esports format. And WWCD is here to stay despite community criticism.

Krafton has revealed details of the PUBG Continental Series 4(PCS4), including the schedule, participants and prize money. The organizer is still sticking with the controversial WWCD format for PCS 2021.

Everything you need to know about PCS4

PUBG Continental Series 4. Image Credit: Krafton.
PUBG Continental Series 4. Image Credit: Krafton.

The developer hopes to bring PUBG esports closer to the in-game playing experience. This is why PUBG esports will continue to have a heavy focus on the Chicken Dinner as the ultimate prize.

PCS4 will feature four regional tournaments and more than a million dollars in prize money. Sixteen teams will represent each region: Americas, Europe, Asia and Asia-Pacific. Each region will have a qualifying system and $250,000 in the prize pool. 

While the previous S.U.P.E.R. settings helped to establish a strong foundation for the competitive community by reducing some of the game’s more unpredictable elements, over time it has seen us move further away from the core concepts and objectives of Battle Royale. We’re eager to reduce the gap between what PUBG fans play, and what they watch.

There is something to be said about the sheer excitement that happens when a team wins a match. With the WWCD rules during PGI.S, we experienced many thrilling and adrenaline pumping moments throughout the tournament, and we want to maintain this feeling through future events.

The Grand Finals dates for each region:

  • Americas: June 10-11, June 17-18, June 24-25.
  • Asia-Pacific: June 10-11, June 17-18, June 24-25.
  • Europe: June 12-13, June 19-20, June 26-27.
  • Asia: June 12-13, June 19-20, June 26-27.

The developers have united the two Americas region after reviewing feedback from the ESL PUBG Spring Masters

What’s new in PCS 2021?

Schedule and format of PCS4 Americas. Image Credit: PUBG.
Schedule and format of PCS4 Americas. Image Credit: PUBG.

The game developer is increasing the number of Grand Finals games played from 24 in PCS 2020 to 36 in PCS 2021. The increased number of games means everyone has a chance to win games and prove their worth.

PCS events will host matches two days a week over a three-week period. But there are a few changes:

  •  Each day will have six matches, increased from four, leading to 12 matches per week and 36 matches in total. 
  •  Every week will be an individual league with prize money awarded to the top eight squads.
  •  The team with the highest amount of prize money at the end of the tournament will be crowned champions.

Community reacts as PUBG developers continue with WWCD format

The community has heavily criticized the WWCD format. While Krafton wants the final standing player to be the winner, it has completely changed the game’s meta.

SoniqsEsports player Shrimzy has been extremely critical of the new format, as have been many other talents and professional players. 

The fact that Krafton will continue with the WWCD format into PCS 2021 is a blow to this feedback. The new format has even led to some organizations exiting the scene for the time being.

Members of the community have also started a petition hoping to catch the attention of the game developers. Thirty percent of PCS4 item sales revenue will contribute to the overall prize pool of the event.

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