Controversial new changes to the points system in PUBG has left the community disappointed. Here’s what’s new in PUBG esports in 2021.

PUBG has announced changes to its esports format for 2021 and the community is largely disappointed with the latest update. The new format will crown the last team standing as the winner. This format would impact gameplay and the viewing experience for fans. Several community figures have come out in strong opposition to these changes. 

What’s the new scoring system for PUBG esports?

To date, PUBG esports has mostly followed the Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset (SUPER) in its tournaments. While SUPER is a good way of judging a team’s activity and involvement in the game, it can lead to complicated scoring tables. In recent months, the game has skewed towards more importance on winning matches. But in the latest changes to SUPER, PUBG esports is going to see significant changes in playstyle and viewing experience. 

Our overall goal with these changes was to bring back the intensity and accomplishment of being the last team standing, which has always been the heart of Battle Royale. We saw tons of excitement surrounding the Chicken Dinner focused matches and a new level of performance from our pro teams when they had a singular goal to focus on. With that in mind, we are making some changes to the winner decision method of our SUPER point system.

The new system will ensure a winner is decided as soon as the match concludes. The last team standing will be the winner. The changes will take effect starting PCS4 in June.

Proposed SUPER Changes

  • The winner of the match is the team who wins the Chicken Dinner.
  • The winning team of the Series will be determined by the number of Chicken Dinners won.
  • In the event of a tie, total kills earned during the series will be used as a tiebreaker.

Disadvantages of the new scoring system

The new system increases the importance of the circle zone. Teams that receive a favorable circle have a higher chance of staying alive, which means winning the game. Competitive teams will find aggression and activity less rewarding. The new system incentivizes less action which in turn means less exciting games for viewers. 

Battle royale games are exciting due to the possibility of constant action. However, with a complete focus on staying alive at the end of the round teams will prioritize getting out of action rather than trying to get kills. 

Community outrage over changes

The PUBG community has been near-unanimous in its opposition to the latest changes. 

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