Thank you, Mommy: Diablo 4 adding keyboard movement in season 3 cover image

Thank you, Mommy: Diablo 4 adding keyboard movement in season 3

Sin Mommy gives many gifts in Diablo 4 season 3, including the addition of keyboard movement while killing demon hordes.

It's been a rough post-launch for Diablo 4. Sure, the sales numbers added up to an impressive--and satanic--number. However, since then it's been a lot of underwhelming content, shrug-inducing announcements, and bug issues galore. But it is a new year and with it comes second chances. Blizzard looks to get the game back on track when Diablo 4 season 3--titled Season of the Construct--kicks off on January 23. Along with that patch comes a much lauded new feature: Diablo 4 keyboard movement options.

Depending on how much of an isometric dungeon crawler purist you are, the idea of using WASD to move may either be sacrilege or the one, true way. For me, this sounds as close as I'll get to the god-like movement from the console version of Diablo 3. Regardless, let's look at what the publish said about the news.

Diablo 4 keyboard movement coming in season 3

Credit: Blizzard
Credit: Blizzard

"Wanderers on PC can now navigate through the various wastes of Sanctuary by using the W-A-S-D keys on your keyboard, instead of your mouse," says Blizzard in a blog about Diablo 4 season 3. "Enjoy the increased functionality of traversing through dungeons and above ground alike." Given how twitchy the mouse-based movement of Diablo sometimes feels I'm relieved to get something more precise in WASD movement. Related to this, other quality of life announcements are coming in the new season, including:

  • Extra stash tab
  • skill tree reallocation improvements
  • increased item rates
  • Leaderboards via the new Gauntlet dungeon feature

Given that I've been particularly hard on Diablo 4 and its post-launch content, season 3 does sound like an improvement. The first two seasons, while offering interesting transmogs for each class, lacked a real identity. It mostly felt like the same post-story world quest grinding I was already doing, but now with vampires.

With any luck, new features such as keyboard movement will make Diablo 4 season 3 a stone-cold reason to download the game once more. Keep an eye out for the S3 patch on Jan. 19 and the season launch on Jan. 23.

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