It’s been one hell of a launch!

Diablo 4 has reached over 276 million hours spent on it already. The game also reached over $666 million in sales in just five days! Read on for more details about Diablo 4 sales and other interesting numbers.

Diablo 4 sales break all-time records

According to Activision Blizzard, Diablo 4 is the company's fastest-selling game of all time. This is based on units and dollars sold through all of the game's platforms through the first five days after the global launch. Diablo 4 also blazed past $666 million in barely a week.

The official Diablo 4 Twitter account posted even more statistics:

  • Hours played = 276 million
  • Total monsters killed = 2.73 billion
  • Total parties created = 116 million
  • Player deaths = 316 million
  • Players killed in PvP = 429,792
  • Deaths by the Butcher = 5.7 million
  • Level 100 players = 6,263
  • Level 100 Hardcore players = 163
  • Most popular class = Sorcerer
Diablo 4 on Twitch (Image via Streams Charts)
Diablo 4 on Twitch (Image via Streams Charts)

Diablo 4 launch and its rise in popularity

Activision Blizzard noted that the game became the most popular one on Twitch between June 1 through June 9 as well. This period included the early access stage and broke previous records for the hours watched and streamed, according to the post.

Data from Streams Charts also highlighted the interest in Diablo 4. Between June 2 and 4 during the early access stage, the game reached 32.96 millions hours watched, with peak viewers amounting to approximately 941,000. Compared to the "Just Chatting" category, this was about 38% higher.

Here are some more Diablo 4 Twitch viewership statistics:

Diablo 4 statistics (Image via Streams Charts)
Diablo 4 statistics (Image via Streams Charts)

Well-known streamers also participated in the Diablo 4 excitement. Some of them included Zack "Asmongold" Hoyt, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, and Quintin "Quin69" Crawford. Shroud even reached 1.04 million hours watched over a span of about 46 hours!

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