Xfinity and Mission Control are partnering to run the three month long Xfinity City Series in Smash, Rocket League, and Fortnite

Esports have long been a global phenomenon. This sometimes leads to less focus on local scenes. That's where Xfinity and Mission Control come in with the Xfinity City Series, looking to highlight the best players of the northeast United States.

Players across Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington DC will have the chance to compete in a three-month event. Titles features include Fortnite, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There will be $50,000 in total prize giveaways, as well as the title of "City's Best Gamer" on the line.

Monthly event for Fortnite, Rocket League and Smash Ultimate

Starting on January 4, each month-long event will feature players competing in four regular-season games per title. Finalists then battle it out in a series of playoffs. Fortnite and Rocket League champs will take home a PlayStation 5. Meanwile, Smash Ultimate winners take home a Nintendo Switch OLED. All monthly event winners also receive custom controllers for the console they are playing on.

Xfinity City Series titles:

  • Fortnite - January
  • Rocket League - February
  • Smash Ultimate - March
Gamers can enter the Xfinity City Series via the Mission Control app.
Gamers can enter the Xfinity City Series via the Mission Control app.

“Today’s gamers require the speed, personalized tools and controls, and advanced cybersecurity protection that Xfinity is uniquely suited to offer, including faster-than-Gig speeds over WiFi,” said Megan Wallace, Vice President of Marketing for Comcast’s Northeast Division. “We’re thrilled to welcome gamers as they put their skills to the test and can’t wait to celebrate each city’s best.”

Players can enter the Xfinity City Series by logging onto the Mission Control app. There Xfinity City Series players can register for community activities. It's also the hub to review their schedules, find match instructions, follow their performances, and chat with league-wide rivals.

Who is Mission Control?

“Recreational gaming should be about community,” said Austin Smith, CEO of Mission Control. "Similar to a summer softball or intramural volleyball league, we’re committed to helping brands create communities where gamers could connect in an engaging way while competing in their favorite games alongside friends."

Headquartered in St. Louis, Mission Control has gathered 300-plus communities on behalf of major clients like GameStop, Cinemark, Comcast, and the University of Kentucky. They are one of many grassroots organizers, joining folks like Nerd Street in the Northeastern United States.