Nerd Street Gamers will organize even more VALORANT events in 2021.

Nerd Street Gamers is the official tournament operator and producer for all three stages of the North American 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour, the game developer announced. In addition to these events, Nerd Street Games will also organize the recently announced VCT Game Changers Tournament I. 

Nerd Street Gamers and Riot Games had already partnered up before. Previously, Nerd Street helped organize for the first North American VALORANT Ignition Series Event and FTW Ignition Series.

“Our relationship with Nerd Street Gamers has been a core driver in the  growth of the VALORANT competitive scene. With the company’s expertise in esports tournament operations, we can distinguish our VALORANT tournaments as a force in the industry rooted in high-quality professional-grade opportunities. Nerd Street has continuously proved to be a trusted partner and we are excited to extend our relationship with the Champions Tour, and level it up with VCT Game Changers Series. ”

Matthew Archambault Head of Esports Partnerships, Riot Games NA & OCE

Nerd Street Gamers (Nerd Street) is a national network of esports facilities and events. The company also promotes greater access to the esports industry via talent development and high-quality gaming tournaments.

What is the VALORANT Gamer Changer series?

Earlier this year, Riot Games announced the launch of VCT Game Changers. It is a VALORANT program that hopes to create opportunities and exposure for women and marginalized genders. Riot Games has said that the VCT Game Changers and its academy version will develop new players for the VCT.

The $50K 2021 VCT Game Changers Series I will kick off with open qualifiers starting on Friday, March 19. Subsequently, the main event will take place on Thursday, March 25.