Who is Moneymaker? The uprise of Fortnite’s youngest star cover image

Who is Moneymaker? The uprise of Fortnite’s youngest star

This young Fortnite player has made a name for himself!

Fortnite Battle Royale has a history of helping create stars such as Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and Cody “Clix” Conrod. These names and many more have become synonymous with Fortnite, but a new rising star has been gaining recognition in the scene, and his name is Moneymaker. 

Who is Moneymaker in the Fortnite scene?

Moneymaker is a 15-year-old Swedish Fortnite player who has impacted the competitive scene and content space. Despite his young age, Moneymaker has earned nearly $30K USD from Fortnite competitions while bolstering an impressive following on social media. 

He streams daily on Twitch to an average of 1,500 and 5,000 viewers, competing in Fortnite tournaments, coaching fellow professional players, and playing Ranked Mode. Although his skills are impressive, his personality shines through in his streams and TikTok videos.

Moneymaker has become infamous for his viral clips of singing or dancing while playing Fortnite. Many of his TikTok videos have gone viral, with some eclipsing 1 million views. On YouTube, the young Fortnite star possesses nearly 100K subscribers to accompany various videos with well over 100K views. 

Due to his burst in exposure, Fortnite creators such as AussieAntics and SypherPK have published videos covering the sudden rise. 

How good is Moneymaker at Fortnite?

The Swedish Fortnite pro’s competitive career began in April of 2021 when he competed in several Solo Cash Cups. Since then, his earnings have skyrocketed after qualifying for two FNCS Grand Finals. Moneymaker’s career changed forever in August 2023, when he and his duo partner Fnajen qualified for the FNCS Global Championship 2023 through the Last Chance Major.

He journeyed to Denmark for the yearly Fortnite Champion Series LAN, where he and Fnajen finished 35th overall, netting the pair $8K each. In recent months, Moneymaker has continued streaming to thousands of viewers, showcasing his personality to all who tune in to watch.

With Fortnite being a “young man’s game,” there’s no telling how much more recognition Moneymaker will gain as his uprise continues. Furthermore, his ability to make people laugh will be an infinitely valuable tool in his career.

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