Popular streamer and Fortnite competitive player Clix has had quite the history when it comes to gaming.

If you've dwelled into the Fortnite scene, even if just for a small time, you will have probably heard of "Clix." Clix, his real name being Cody Conrad, has been a star within the Fortnite community for quite some time now, but just how far back does Clix's history go with the Battle Royale?

Here is Clix's history with gaming and Fortnite.

The Early Years: How Clix got his start in Fortnite and Gaming

Born on January 7, 2005, Clix was destined to become a legend within the gaming community. In fact, before he turned 18 (2023), Clix had already earned $374,273.08 USD. Not only had he achieved such a large amount of cash in prizing by this time, but the streamer had also already made millions off of streaming.

With over 6 million followers on Twitch, Clix has become one of the largest streamers to ever touch the platform.

But what led to all this success?

Clix World Cup (Image via Dexerto)
Clix World Cup (Image via Dexerto)

Clix's fame first began to sprout back in the World Cup days, when the gamer was only 14 years old. On July 28, 2019, Clix took home 18th place in the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals. This awarded him a prize of $112,500, which is still the largest payout he has ever won from a single tournament.

Although this was an impressive feat, this was just the beginning for the rising star.

Clix makes his move to one of the largest gaming orgs in the scene

Clix's next move was what truly put him on the map. The competitor had spent his World Cup days represented by Misfits, a popular gaming org, but was soon approached a year later by NRG.

NRG, still one of the largest orgs in the gaming community, picked up Clix in July 2020, instantly rising his popularity to internet stardom. This began Clix's blow-up, making him one of the most popular celebrities on the internet.

NRG Clix (Image via Dexerto)
NRG Clix (Image via Dexerto)

The Fortnite competitor did not have to worry about Fortnite anymore. His viewership was always peaking above 20,000, allowing him to play or do whatever he wanted on stream. From there on, Clix would do various styles of streams including e-dating streams, Just Chatting, Fortnite and more.

Clix even had the controversial figure Andrew Tate appear on his live stream once in the past.

But this popularity did not stop Clix from staying at the top in Fortnite. With multiple first-place qualifications spanning various tournaments, Clix has held his ground as one of the most popular Fortnite competitors.

But just how long would that be sustainable?

NRG leaves Fortnite, making Clix a free agent

At the beginning of 2023, only months after the successful Fortnite Invitational, NRG announced their leave from Fortnite. This was a massive blow to the community, as NRG held the podium as one of the best and biggest orgs.

With them no longer being in Fortnite, this meant it was time for Clix's contract to end.

Clix 2023 (Image via Firstsportz)
Clix 2023 (Image via Firstsportz)

But every sad moment has a silver lining. Soon after, Fortnite announced that they were officially moving the NA Servers to Texas, merging both West and East. This caused people such as Clix, Cented and more to make their way down South, where they could all live and compete.

Clix, being able to afford a multi-million dollar apartment in Dallas, set himself up for success. With so many professionally Fortnite players living in one area, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for content, or so Clix thought.

Clix gets banned from Competitive Fortnite

The Fortnite world was thrown to its knees at the beginning of the Summer of 2023 when Clix faced a competitive ban from Fortnite. It happed right in the middle of FNCS too.

The competitor was playing a Solo Cash Cup, when he noticed a kid stream sniping him. He called the player out and then grabbed some of the loot that was left behind for him. Epic immediately banned the player for two weeks, resulting in him not being able to play out the rest of FNCS.

Clix FNCS Invitational
Clix FNCS Invitational

But was this justified? Many fans and players took to Clix's side, exclaiming that he should not have been banned and that Epic needs to do a better job with stopping stream snipers.

In fact, it is largely known within the Fortnite community just how bad stream sniping really is. Some streamers refuse to hit that live button now because of the number of people who ruin their games.

Luckily, Clix's ban has long since ended and he is now back and competing again in various Fortnite events.

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