Where is the “Comet” Fortnite skin? cover image

Where is the “Comet” Fortnite skin?

The Comet skin has been delayed!

Before the latest Fortnite Item Shop rotation, Epic Games teased a new skin named Comet in a now-deleted tweet. Many leakers and Fortnite fans captured the information and image before Epic nuked the tweet. As a result of an issue, the Comet Fortnite skin has been delayed. 

Here’s everything we know about the situation. 

What happened to the Comet Fortnite skin?

It seemed like an ordinary night in the world of Fortnite. With fans eagerly waiting to spend their V-Bucks, Epic Games informed millions of followers via the official Fortnite Twitter account that Comet has landed. 

Epic Games swiftly deleted the mistaken Comet Fortnite skin announcement, but fans had a clear glimpse. The Outfit features a female character model with yellow overalls and blue hair, a seriously eye-catching cosmetic. She also has a LEGO variant for those who want to continue building out their landscape in a vibrant style. 

As players scrambled to the Item Shop, it became clear that Epic Games made a mistake. Following the inquiries of curious fans, the Fortnite Twitter account revealed that the team mixed up its dates. 

Epic comments on early Comet announcement

After deleting the announcement post, it became clear that something was wrong. Epic Games released an official statement regarding the blunder related to the Comet Fortnite skin:

"Comet will be arriving in the Shop as soon as we’re back from downtime after tomorrow’s v28.20 update. We got our dates mixed up when hitting that post button, we are just really excited to see her too!”

@FortniteGame on X

The next significant Fortnite update, v28.20, will drop tomorrow, with the Fortnite TMNT Cowbunga event to follow on Friday, February 9. Those looking to acquire the Comet skin and win Fortnite matches will have to wait until the downtime ends on the morning of February 7, likely around 9 a.m. ET. 

While you wait, complete the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fortnite Quests before the collaboration event and the famed TMNT villain Shredder arrives!

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