When does the item shop refresh in Fortnite? New changes explained cover image

When does the item shop refresh in Fortnite? New changes explained

What does the removal of the Item Shop timer mean?

Fortnite has implemented a new change to the Item Shop refresh rotation that is noteworthy to all regions. Players who navigate to the Item Shop tab will notice that there is no longer a refresh countdown. Instead, clicking the box produces text explaining the refresh process, stating that it usually refreshes at 7 p.m. ET (midnight GMT). This could signify changes in the Fortnite Item Shop rotation moving forward.

When will the Item Shop refresh in Fortnite?

The removal of an in-game Item Shop countdown could indicate more midday refreshes, as pointed out by Fortnite leaker HYPEX. Fortnite is no stranger to early morning or midday Item Shop updates. In the past, we have seen new collaborations drop earlier than 7 p.m. ET, so this could be more frequent based on Epic's update.

If Item Shop changes become more frequent, this could mean we will see collaborations available earlier and for more extended periods. Besides that, this adjustment has no clear benefits or purpose. Epic Games also has not explicitly commented on removing the Item Shop timer.

"The shop refreshed every day, usually at 7:00 PM ET (which is midnight GMT). When the item shop refreshes, currently available items may rotate or leave, and new items may be added. Check back to see what's new!"

Epic Games on the Item Shop timer

Does this change matter?

Featured Image: Epic Games / HYPEX
Featured Image: Epic Games / HYPEX

Epic Games has not explained the reasoning behind this sudden update. The Item Shop timer has been a staple in Fortnite since Chapter 1, and fans have stated their confusion about Epic's decision. Instead of expecting the Fortnite Item Shop to refresh daily at the usual time, it could happen earlier, depending on what new skins, gliders, wraps, jam tracks, and other cosmetic items arrive.

For now, you can expect the usual update at 7 p.m. ET, but keep an eye out if Epic decides to release a new Item Shop rotation earlier. We will provide further information on how this will play out in the coming months and if anything else changes.

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