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Top 5 Fortnite Icon Series dances

Below is our top five of Fortnite’s best Icon Skin dances within their game.

With Fortnite dominating the gaming world, its ties within the entertainment world are nothing but exciting. Not only does the game connect many of its cosmetics to today's culture, but it also has quite a bit of entertaining emotes. Quite a few of these emotes are a part of the "Icon Series", which includes popular dances.

Here is our list of the Fortnite Icon Series' top five dances.

5. Ninja Style

Starting at the top of the list, the "Ninja Style" is one of the best emotes Fortnite has ever given us. The emote released alongside Ninja's Icon Skin. The Ninja Style emote is based on an original dance invented by the famous streamer back in 2018.

Ninja's simple but fun dance has struck the hearts of many, as this was developed by him during the beginning of the Fortnite days. This was around the time he blew up alongside Fortnite, making the dance somewhat sentimental with players.

4. Gangnam Style

With the original release of the Korean pop hit "Gangnam Style" by PSY in 2012, the dance overtook the world. People would flash-mob their local malls, getting anyone in sight to participate in the dance.

The effect this song had on pop culture was nothing less than incredible. Everyone had to make sure they knew the dance, no matter what age they were. Not only was there a popular dance, but a bizarre music video was released along with it.

Gangnam style Fortnite
Gangnam style Fortnite

The impact Gangnam Style had on today's culture is a perfect reason for Fortnite to include it within their game. The emote was an immediate hit, with Fortnite players flooding the lobbies with the dance.

3. It's Dynamite!

Love them or hate them, you cannot deny the fact that the K-Pop band "BTS" has become one of the largest names in music. It was only a matter of time before they acquired their own emote within Fortnite.

With the major success of their hit single "Dynamite", Fortnite knew that an emote modeled after them would be a success. And seemingly, they were right.

The Icon Series emote took hold as hundreds of thousands of players got ahold of the dance. Occasionally, the dance makes its way back into the item shop. This allows for players to purchase if they had not before.

2. The Renegade

The Renegade has to be at the top of our list. This emote was a craze amongst Fortnite gamers. The dance was made famous in 2020 on TikTok, being one of the first dances to really blow up on the app.

The dance comes from the song "Lottery" by K Camp. After this emote was released, it was hard to even play a game of Fortnite without seeing someone utilize the emote.

This emote is a direct example of how much of an impact pop culture can have on our society. The song and dance were made famous first on TikTok, and then eventually made their way into Fortnite. It only seems fitting to have this emote at number two on our list.

1. Toosie Slide

With so many great Icon Series emotes, our number one still beats every single emote by a mile. The popular song "Toosie Slide" by Drake dominated the charts in 2020. Drake, being one of the largest artists of our generation, has a significant influential hold on today's youth.

It was truly only a matter of time before Drake received his own emote. After playing Fortnite live on Ninja's stream in 2018, people were begging for the rapper to somehow be included in the game.

This dance made waves through today's youth, and it's becoming an addition to Fortnite's realm only makes people wonder when we may see an official Drake Icon Series skin.

What dance would you like to see added to the Fortnite Icon Series?

With so many different emotes being compiled into the game, it is only a matter of time before we see another huge hit in today's culture enter the game. We have already had the Toosie Slide, the Renegade, and quite a few others in the game, but what could be next?

What popular dance would you like to see added to Fortnite's Icon Series?