Leading up to the NBA All-Star 2022, Fortnite has officially collaborated with the sports league to bring gamers the brand new basketball cosmetics.

This isn't the first time Fortnite has collaborated with a major sports league. In fact, they have actually collaborated with the NBA in the past.

Heading fresh out of their NFL collaboration, Fortnite has filled the item shop with brand new and old NBA cosmetics for gamers to purchase.

What's new in the Fortnite-NBA collaboration?

Fortnite is notorious for doing some of the coolest collaborations. The NBA being one of them is no exception. In the past, they teamed with the popular sports league to bring players new skins and emotes, but this time, they added some new sleek designs.

Leading up to the NBA All-Stars game, Fortnite players can now purchase skins wearing the All-Star's jerseys and warmup jerseys. The fresh design allows players to drop off the battle bus while in anticipation of game day.

The collaboration even comes with some of the classic basketball emotes we have seen Fortnite include in the past. There is also a brand new voting system within the creative hub. This voting system has three brand new emotes that gamers will get to vote for across the globe.

The voting is active daily until February 23 at 10 AM ET, where Epic Games will then post on social media which emote won.

When is the NBA All-Star 2022 match?

The NBA All-Star 2022 match will be taking place Sunday, February 20 in Cleveland, Ohio. This epic game consists of two teams made up of some of the nation's top NBA players. Players like Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and other popular basketball stars will be participating.

What could be next?

The question of what sports collaboration could be next is something many have asked. It seems Fortnite has added skins that have to do with every sport but has not collaborated with every official sports league.

Although we have seen basketball and soccer collaborations, gamers have yet to be able to drop off the battle bus in official MLB attire.

As the battle royale progresses, I think it is safe to say we will be seeing quite a few additional sports league collaborations.

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