The popular Twitch streamer, “Ninja”, gives his thoughts on the competitive Fortnite scene, and why he will never play in it again.

The popular Fortnite streamer Tyler Blevins, otherwise known as "Ninja" weighed in on why he will never return to the competitive Fortnite scene. This comes as no surprise, as Ninja has not competed within the competitive Fortnite scene since Chapter 2, Season 1.

"None of the OG's that streamed and made content play anymore because they played competitively and they left because they hated it

Blevins took to his stream on Sunday, February 13, and told his viewers exactly why he won't be returning to the competitive Fortnite scene. It seems a lot of it has to do with the lack of professionalism within the community.

"They are never pleased," said Ninja. This was a direct statement to the competitive Fortnite community. "They are not professional at all. They flaunt it on stream and complain". This is a direct response to how Blevin feels the community handles problems within the game.

"I am never going to play competitive Fortnite ever again" Blevins explained. "It's what is driving so many players away. It's what drove casual players."

"None of the OG's that streamed and made content play anymore because they played competitively and they left because they hated it", Blevins said, referring to popular streamers such as "72hrs". "They hated the lag. They hated never winning and the stress of it all."

Is Ninja wrong?

It goes without saying, that a lack of maturity can be uncovered within the majority of the younger gaming community. Having a game that is centered primarily around teenagers, makes handling the community much more difficult.

Even so, Epic Games has capitalized on this sort of behavior before. In 2021, the company took "Clix's", a popular Fortnite pro, creator code away, due to the posting of an inappropriate tweet. This helped some of the popular players realize that they have to be cognizant of their actions.

The Future

We live in a world centered around social media. There is no hiding that statement. With such outlets, that also means there needs to be a sort of responsibility held to them. Creators alike must realize that there are standards that need to be kept, and the lack of doing so could potentially result in consequences.

That being said, Epic Games still wants to please all of their player bases and is still listening, whether or not the feedback is being maturely relayed to them. Fortnite continues to change as a game every week and will keep doing so, as long as Epic chooses to keep their ears open.

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