Wednesday, February 9, Twitch Rivals hosted the third iteration in its streamer bowl series which brought together Fortnite pros, NFL stars, and 60 players who competed across events to make it this far.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, Twitch Rivals stepped up their game within the world of esports by hosting the Streamer Bowl III. The event was a combination of football and Fortnite, which allowed for an interesting dynamic amongst the players.

Amongst these players were some of the top streamers on Twitch including Clix, Bugha, Nickmercs, LoserFruit, and more. Alongside these Twitch stars were popular NFL players such as Avonte Maddox, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, and more. Then, to complete the trio, they allowed for an additional 60 other players.

Prior to this event was the recent collaboration announced between the NFL and popular gaming organization Faze Clan.

Qualifying Process

Although the Twitch streamers and the NFL players were handpicked by Twitch to participate in the event, Twitch allowed for the additional 60 competitors to join solely based on skill.

Several streamer bowl events were held online through the Fortnite official compete tab, allowing for players to work their way up to make it to this large in-person event. The top 60 players were given the opportunity to fly out to Los Angeles, California, where the event took place.

Kurt Benkert at Streamer Bowl III (Twitter)
Kurt Benkert at Streamer Bowl III (Twitter)

The game mode chosen was trios and each trio consisted of one streamer, one NFL star, and one "Community Champion". There were four rounds played in the tournament and a whopping $760,000 prize pool that will be donated to a charity of the team's choice.

Where was this?

The event took place in downtown Los Angeles, but Twitch took to their platform to make sure everyone got to experience the action. Various participants also made sure to include as much as possible on their personal social media accounts.

Having a large in-person gaming event such as this happen brings hope to gamers all across the world. The last two years have made it extremely difficult for LAN events to take place. It is evident that the world is ready to break out of isolation. It is only right to assume we will be seeing more large LAN events in the future.

And the winners are...

The event eventually came to a close, allowing for the top team to come out victorious. This team consisted of popular Twitch streamer "Pgod", NFL star Hollywood Brown, and Community Champion "PamStou".

These three participants, who have earned $300,000 in winnings, now get to choose the charity of their choice and have the money donated there.

It is heartening to see Twitch put on such a beautiful event as our world goes through some dark times. I hope this provides an example for future gaming competitions, in hopes to see people strive to give back through gaming.