Freemok impressed with flashy plays but it was Fastroki, Ardit, and Pizza4k who took home the top spot in EU FNCS Week 3. Arguably the most exciting of the three weeks of Qualifiers.

Only three spots remained up for grabs in EU FNCS Week 3 Qualifier. David "Freemok" Drobchak Mikolayovich stole the show early with a huge pop off in game three. Floki, Clement, and Decyptos finally secured a top three spot. A new trio surprised on their way to a first place finish.

Pizza4k's trio delivers to advance to FNCS Finals

A relatively unknown trio formed at the beginning of Season 6. The trio consisted of "Fastroki," "OVA Pizza4k," and "OVA Ardit." All three members of the trio reached Heats in Season 5, but with different players. The trio came together this season to post a few average placements. Overall, they failed to impress during Cash Cups or previous FNCS weeks. None of that mattered heading into EU FNCS Week 3. Fastroki, Pizza4k, and Ardit more than proved themselves in the final qualifier.

The trio started off with a poor first match. They reached end game, but failed to convert on any eliminations while falling in 16th place. After that, the game clicked for the trio. They won the very next match with 12 eliminations.

Fastroki, Pizza4k, and Ardit went on to earn placement points and eliminations in every single match throughout the rest of the tournament. Ultimately, the team's shining moment came in game six. A top 8 placement would secured them a qualification spot, instead the trio delivered a huge seven elimination 6th place match. This earned them the top spot of the week and a place in FNCS Finals.

Freemok steals the show with an unbelievable pop off in game two

Freemok, "LMNX 97default," and "EvozA Wulfee" did not win Week 3, but excited fans with their aggressive plays. This trio is known for its excellent fighting skills and it was on display. They finished the qualifier with the most overall eliminations in Round 4. Additionally, their second place finish puts them in the FNCS Finals along with eight other trios. Although the trio did not finish at the top, they were the talk of social media following the event.

For most of the tournament, Freemok, Wulfee, and 97default led the pack. To start, the team dropped back-to-back double-digit elimination games. This put them well ahead and their dominance continued. In game four, Freemok hit a clip to be remembered. He boxed and one pumped multiple players while on the way to a Victory Royale. From there, the trio coasted to the finish. Even with an early exit in the final match, the trio had already earned too many points to drop out of qualification.

The two time (now three) Grand Finalist, Freemok, looks to lead his team well beyond a qualification. He has the most experience out of the trio, but Freemok's Grand Finals have not gone particularly well. He finished in the bottom third of both tournaments. Now, he prepares to avenge those performances and prove himself in the upcoming Season 6 Grand Finals.

Floki, Decyptos, and Clement grab the elusive qualification spot

Last week, two trios qualified in the final moments of EU FNCS. Unfortunately, that meant other teams dropped out. One of those trios was Manoel "Solary Floki" Da Costa, Clement "Homyno Clement" Lesobre, and Thomas "GO Decyptos" Cottu. The narrow miss in Week 2 fueled the trio's performance in EU FNCS Week 3.

Floki, Clement, and Decyptos battled all day for their third place finish. There was no single high point match. The trio consistently made it into end game and secured a few eliminations along with placement points. While it was not flashy like Freemok, the trio got the job done. Thanks to a few solo clutches by Decyptocs, the trios is headed to the FNCS Finals.

EU FNCS Week 3 Standings

  1. Fastroki, OVA Pizza4k, OVA Ardit
  2. EvozA Wulfee, freemok, LMNX 97Default
  3. Solary Floki, Homyno Clement, GO Decyptos
  4. LootBoy Slender, ALOFT Voidd, wxlfiex
  5. BL Setty, GAMMA Kami, GXR Teeq

What's next for EU FNCS?

The next week is a scheduled break for FNCS. All trios that qualified for Heats will play in two weeks. The Heats determine the final player pool for Grand Finals which begin on May 28th. In total, 12 trios advanced straight to Grand Finals. The remaining players will look for their chance to earn a spot alongside of players like Freemok and Decyptos.