The final week of FNCS qualifiers wrap up with an exciting finish. Top contenders Andilex and TaySon both qualified while Fastroki returns to FNCS Grand Finals.

It took three weeks, but both TaySon and Andilex qualified for FNCS Grand Finals. Their respective trios came close in multiple weeks. Now, two of the most storied players in Europe return back to the Grand Finals. Additionally, a trio of underdogs secured their spot in the very last game of qualifiers. Fastroki, Karma, and Voidd waited until the last moment to reach the top three. Nonetheless, the trio now enjoys a break during Semi-Finals.

Andilex, 4zr, and Xsweeze run away with EU FNCS Week 3 Qualifier

The past two seasons, Alexandre “Falcon AndiIex” Christophe and Cyprien “Xsweeze” Dumonteil played with Idris “Vitality Snayzy Aichouche. The trio saw success and a ton of it, just outside of FNCS. They placed well in Cash Cups, DreamHack, and third-party tournaments. Unfortunately, the trio continued to fall short of their championship aspirations during FNCS. This caused them to split. Xsweeze and Andilex stuck together, while Snayzy sought out a new team.

Xsweeze and Andilex brought in Jérémy "4zr" Dang to fill the gap. Andilex and 4zr began playing together just under two years ago. In their first week back together, the trio reached Round 4 of the FNCS Qualifiers. With little practice, the team placed Top 25 and showed promise. The only issue; only one week of Qualifiers remained.

In EU FNCS Week 3 Qualifier, Xsweeze, Andilex, and 4zr dominated. They clearly stood out as the best team throughout the day. In their first two matches, the team finished in second and first, respectively. Not only was the placement there, but this team slayed out. In those two matches, the trio eliminated 25 players. That was more than 26 other trios through the six matches!

The trio totaled an incredible 54 total eliminations in the final round. They set a record for the most 10+ elimination games in a final round (4). Simply put, this trio could not be stopped. Only once did they fall before the 9th zone. Xsweeze, 4zr, and Andilex proved themselves as true contenders for the FNCS title.

TaySon, Veno, and Rezon finally qualify for FNCS Grand Finals with stellar team play

It took longer than expected forTai “Guild TaySon” Starčič, “Glorious Veno,” and “Rezon” to qualify for FNCS Grand Finals. The trio flirted with those top three spots in the previous weeks, finishing in 4th and 5th. Surely, they advanced to Semi-Finals, but this is a top trio in the region. Anything short of an auto qualification would be a disappointment. In Week 3, TaySon, Veno, and Rezon secured that spot.

The trio played incredibly well together. Their chemistry has continued to grow over time. The team play shined in Week 3 as the trio record six great games, including one Victory Royale. Throughout every match, they executed each stage perfectly. TaySon, Veno, and Rezon rarely found themselves in Storm Surge trouble, due to their positioning and aim. Instead of forcing fights, wasting resources, and sacrifices HP, they rolled through the mid-game. This set the trio up to play consistent end games. Once in the end game, TaySon's leadership guided the trio from zone to zone while Rezon and Veno supplied their IGL with refreshes. The trio played a truly beautiful set of games.

Did someone say last-minute clutch to qualify?

Not every trio ran away from the pack today. The top two spots were all but solidified heading into the final match. That left one position for a team to advance to Grand Finals in Week 3. Six teams entered the last game with only a handful of points separating them. All six had a legitimate shot to qualify. A huge task sat in front of them, win the match. Ultimately, "LootBoy Fastroki," Elias "Karma," and "Voidd" stepped up and secured the Victory Royale.

Out of nowhere, the trio appeared on the high ground. As teams collided below, Fastroki, Karma, and Voidd walked right up to height. They did their work early. The trio picked up 10 total eliminations in the final match, including Rezon and 4zr from the top two teams. This left an opening and the team surprised everyone with a huge Victory Royale. They came back from 7th place to qualify in the final match, a remarkable moment.

EU FNCS Week 3 Qualifier Standings

1. Falcon Andilada, 4zr -9-, хsweeze
2. Falcon Veno 7, Falcon TaySon 7, rezon ay лол 7
3. LootBoy Fastroki, кармафнр, ALOFT Voidd

4. CL Sаfik, Centric 기본, СL putriсk
5. wanIast, podasaï ϟ, Vitаlity Nikof
6. heretics packo24, GO 이백삼, Solary EMXXRR 个
7. Umplify, Adn 7, Matsoe
8. CL l1nk, CL Fury, CL iRezUmi
9. Solarу BlastR, yagsou -9-, naekoz -9-
10. BloomySon, BL Pablo 645, siko tomzyache32