NAE FNCS Heats gave fans everything from drama to excitement to unforgettable moments.

NAE never fails to entertain. The battle for Sweaty Sands continued. Paper made some questionable tweets and received a disqualification. Numerous players clutched up, including Scoped, Tragix, and Ceice in the final match of NAE FNCS Heats.

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A quiet beast wins NAE FNCS Heat 1

From the beginning of Season 6, "9Lives Voil," "XPRT Xccept," and "Snake" looked like a contender. They started with a 2nd place finish in the FaZe Clan Elite Cup and several top placements in Cash Cups. Throughout this FNCS, the trio continued to fall short of qualification. They did enough to qualify for Semi Finals. That is all the trio needed.

Voil, Xccept, and Snake out performed their entire Heat. They had one high elimination match in the 2nd game with 11 eliminations. In the rest of their matches, the trio remained alive, grabbed a few refreshes, and finished inside of the top 10. It might sound underwhelming, but that kind of consistency is extremely hard to reach.

The trio typically plays a mid or low ground layer. This allows them to hold and control space on those layers. Their control then leads to full refreshes. Ultimately, the strategy worked perfectly for them and earned them 186 total points and a ride to the FNCS Grand Finals.

NAE FNCS Heat 2 Standings

1. 9LIVES VOIL, XPRT Xccept, Snakereyli
2. TMP codgenesis, XPRT atoms, G2 Coop
3. PaMstou, wCarey, Fаtch
4. Twunti, Sully ﮎ, 7eoLeo
5. Dоlzeur, sIaqzz, b4byB0ss-eAyr0g
6. Nobu Beef, TNG Lupien., TNG NicFN

NAE FNCS Heat 2 filled with grief and triumph

The story of NAE FNCS Heat 2 starts with another great performance from Fortnite veterans. Daniel "FaZe Dubs" Paul Walsh, Matthew "Rocaine" Snyder, and Noam "FaZe Megga" Ackenine won the Heat and return back to the FNCS Grand Finals. The trio failed to perform to their high standards through the weekly qualifiers. They missed out on Round 4 in the last two weeks. To many, this team was full of prominent players, but not a true contender. They proved the doubters wrong.

Dubs, Megga, and Rocaine showed everyone that they are not washed. The trio finished with 178 total points in the Heat. They had the second most eliminations out of all trios and the second best overall placement. The combination of consistency and eliminations secured the team a spot in the NAE FNCS Grand Finals.

Once again, Sweaty Sands captivated Fortnite viewers. The battle that took place during all three weekly qualifiers continued in NAE FNCS Heat 2. Timothy “FaZe Bizzle” Miller, Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf, and Cody “NRG Clix” Conrod fought Gabriel “Elite Gabe” Caden, “Tahi,” and “Sprite” off spawn at Sweaty Sands in all six matches.

The off spawn fights did not go well for the Fortnite veterans of Bugha, Bizzle, and Clix. The new guys, Gabe, Tahi, and Sprite, consistently won the spawn fights. The newcomers pushed the veterans out of the drop spot with shambles loot. Ultimately, the veterans finished in second to last with a woeful performance in the Heat. If the roles were reversed, the newcomers would have received a ton of hate for griefing a veteran trio offspawn.

NAE FNCS Heat 2 Standings

1. FaZe Megga., Rocаine, FаZe Dubs ϟ
2. JadenShotz., TC NetZz, noob savaje ψ
4. xerx 15, twitter twixiwnl, Chubѕ
5. Felix - -, 4LK Pozed, Sparebow - -
6. XTRA Furiouѕ, Ghоst Blаke, XTRA Illest

An incredible solo clutch by Scoped earns his trio a spot in the FNCS Grand Finals

One of the most entertaining trios in NAE, "Liquid Scoped," Alan "ENDL8SS Tragix" Nguyen, and Davis "XSET Ceice" McClellan waited until the last moment to qualify for NAE FNCS Grand Finals. Like the showmen they are, this trio won the final match of Heat 3 to clutch a qualification spot. Scoped put the finals game on his back with a moment he will remember for a long time.

The clip does not do the moment justice. Both Tragix and Ceice went down in the first moving zone. Then Scoped played the final three zones out as a solo. He navigated through the zones beautifully while avoiding death. Scoped grab one elimination to keep himself healthy and moving. Then looked to take a high ground position while chaos ensued below. In the end, Scoped secured the last three eliminations and the victory royale to propel his team to victory.

NAE FNCS Heat 3 Standings

1. Nittle, FS casqer, G2 Smqcked
2. Dequented 15, zemobcool, tetrobcool
3. XSET Ceice, Liquid Scopеd, ENDLESS TRAGIX
4. Hornеt, scylix, Adonіs
5. OA Sticks, Chronic Jayѕ, Kn1pher

As always, NAE delivered excitement, drama, and moments to remember. This season continued to push fans towards the edge of their seats and it is not even finished! The final stage is set for NAE FNCS Grand Finals. 33 trios look to make a statement and solidify themselves as the champion.