“With the additions of riding animals and ballers coming back to the game, fans and creators are incredibly excited about this new season.”

“No one does it like Epic Games!”, said NickEh30 on Twitter. Whether you like Fortnite or not, you cannot disagree with this statement. With the new Fortnite season beginning, streamers such as Ninja, NickEh30, and more react and share their thoughts on the new season.

Ninja calls Fortnite season 3, “One of the best!”

With the start of a new season, one of the world’s favorite Fortnite streamers to watch react is “Ninja“, aka Tyler Blevins. Ninja has been an avid Fortnite creator since the beginning of the game. With changes constantly happening within the game, Ninja has always been one of the best creators to turn to for thoughts.

Ninja’s first YouTube video releases of the new season clearly state his love for it. With the title of the video being “Fortnite NEW SEASON is ONE of the best!”, it is obvious that Ninja is excited about the new season.

“The brand new season is absolutely lit”, Ninja yelled in a recent video he posted on Twitter. His excitement was also shared by “Dr. Lupo“, who he was playing with at the time.

“It is good. I like it”, said Dr. Lupo. “The movement is good and you don’t feel like you are stuck anywhere.”

Dr. Lupo is another creator who has been around since the beginning of Fortnite. With millions of followers across all of their platforms, their influential words on the game impact the viewpoints of millions of players.

NickEh30 reacts to Fortnite’s new season: “I played Fortnite today for 14 hours!”

Another streamer favorite, NickEh30, shares his love for the new season. The bright spirit brought along by the family-friendly Fortnite streamer has fans ecstatic for the new season.

“Fortnite season 3 looks EHMAZING!!!”, NickEh30 said on Twitter.

“I literally can’t compose my thoughts while streaming, but OMG this season is looking so promising!!”, said NickEh30 on Twitter. “Fortnite season 3 is a big W!”.

Even creator “SypherPK” is having the time of his life in the new season.

With the additions of riding animals and ballers coming back to the game, fans and creators are incredibly excited about this new season.

How do these words affect the future of Fortnite?

The common question in talking about these reactions is, “How do they affect Fortnite as a whole?”. The answer is simple. As long as the large creators are happy, everyone is happy.

The influence they have on other players is what helps keep people excited about the game. Fans want to see their favorite creators enjoying the games they love. As long as Fortnite continues to put out the fun and interactive content they have been displaying, the game will continue to be loved by fans and creators alike.

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