You can now ride animals in Fortnite following the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Here’s how you can utilize this mechanic.

After months of leaks and rumors, animals in Fortnite are now rideable. This new feature debuted in Chapter 3 Season 3–the game's latest summer-themed installment. Mounted animals offer many perks, including quick and efficient mobility across the landscape and the ability to fire weapons while atop an animal. There's a lot to understand about this new mechanic, and today we'll explain how to ride animals in Fortnite and the best to utilize this mechanic.

What animals are rideable in Fortnite?

There are two types of animals you can ride in Fortnite; boars and wolves. Thankfully, both species appear in abundance across the Chapter 3 Season 3 map. As a result, there are ample opportunities to grab yourself an animal and become even more of a threat. Here is a look at all board and wolf locations per Fortnite.GG:

Boar spawn locations via Fortnite.GG
Boar spawn locations via Fortnite.GG
Wolf spawn locations via Fortnite.GG
Wolf spawn locations via Fortnite.GG

How to ride animals

Wolves in Fortnite
Wolves in Fortnite

Once locating a boar or wolf, the steps to ride one of the animals in Fortnite depends on the species. Firstly, boars are easier to manage since they do not pose as much of a threat.

There are two methods to climb aboard a boar; first, you can merely jump from the correct angle, and you'll then find yourself on its back.

Additionally, you can feed the boar meat to tame it, making it less challenging to mount the animal. 

The methods above applies to wolves, but it's not as simple. Wolves are inherently more aggressive, making it challenging to find the right angle while the animal is in attack mode.

Still, it's possible to climb aboard a wolf and ride it into battle. You can also utilize the taming technique by feeding meat to the wolf, thus making it friendly.

Best ways to use rideable animals this season

Animals are helpful in many situations this season. Firstly, boars and wolves have more stamina than your character, meaning you can move faster and run for a longer time. Secondly, you can shoot and build while mounted on one of these animals. These factors make wolves and boars a worthwhile option in Chapter 3 Season 3. 

Contrarily, it's worth noting that animals take fall damage, and enemy players can quickly eliminate them if you're in the open. Overall, this season's ability to ride animals in Fortnite promises to develop even more throughout the forthcoming months. 

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