Is Life is Strange the next big Fortnite collaboration?

Are you a fan of the episodic video game adventure series Life is Strange? The series first became popular back in 2015 with its first release. Now, there are rumors that the game may be coming to Fortnite.

So, what do we know about the Life is Strange x Fortnite collaboration?

Will Life is Strange come to Fortnite?

As of now, there are no concrete plans released regarded a Life is Strange x Fortnite collaboration. Still, it seems like the chances of the video game series coming to Fortnite are quite likely.

Recently, the creators of Life is Strange, Deck Nine, tweeted to Fortnite: "Where we landing?"

Obviously, this could mean nothing. Still, many believe it might be the game hinting at an upcoming collaboration. It would seem like most Fortnite collabs start with a hidden easter egg Tweet as such.

Fortnite is well known for its many collaborations, so seeing a Life is Strange one would not be bizarre. We have seen crazier collaborations within the game in the past.

Would you like to see Life is Strange come to Fortnite? Or do you simply not care?

Creator of ASDFMovie Tweets at Fortnite

If you were on YouTube back in 2008, you definitely remember the ASDFMovie series. These animated YouTube videos were incredibly entertaining, especially for how simple they were.

Recently, the creator of the ASDFMovie series, TomSka, tweeted at Fortnite: "Let's make it happen."

Again, this, in hindsight, could mean nothing. Maybe, just maybe, though, Fortnite will collaborate with the famous YouTube series. This would bring back a plethora of older players, who watched the series back in the day.

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