A custom map featuring Whataburger themed restaurants

Whataburger has announced it is launching its very own custom map in Fortnite for players to enjoy. The Whataburger-themed map is based on the popular Bedwars custom game mode in the game. The unique game mode brings some exciting gameplay opportunities to players and some entertainment to viewers.

Whataburger ‘Breakfast in Bedwars’ Fortnite Map - Battleground for a $25,000 tournament

The Breakfast in Bedwars event features a $25,000 prize pool with $10,000 going to the winner. Players have a chance to participate in the event when they play the Breakfast in Bedwars map and tweet their best clips on the map using #BreakfastinBedwars.

“We’re thrilled to help bring Whataburger into the gaming space through an immersive partnership that scales beyond just a traditional gaming tournament. By introducing a custom Fortnite map, bringing back Whataguy as a custom NPC, and driving awareness in the map around the new coffee product launch, we’re creating a unique experience that resonates with both gaming and food enthusiasts. Together, we’re bringing the biggest names in Fortnite to compete and elevate this partnership, offering gamers an unforgettable blend of their favorite game and iconic Whataburger lore.”

eFuse VP of Partnerships - Daniel Intrater

This announcement marks Whataburger’s foray into custom Fortnite maps and tournaments. Whataburger will also bring its mascot, Whataguy to the event. The signature superhero is the ambassador for Whataburger Feeding Student Success - the company’s community support program.

Players will attempt to find the mascot in the map and those who do will receive a key to his exclusive vault. The vault will be full of weapons and upgrades which gives players a significant advantage during the tournament.

What to expect in the Breakfast in Bedwars event?

The map is based on a popular game mode in Fortnite - Bedwars. Players form teams, trying to defend their beds while simultaneously launching attacks on opponents' beds. In the Breakfast in Bedwars map, the beds are placed in Whataburger-themed restaurants, items, and more.

The Whataburger + Fortnite collaboration came together naturally for us. First of all, Whataburger fans are like no other, and it turns out a lot of them are also gamers who love Fortnite. The McGarrah Jessee team knew early in the process that we wanted to give our fans a little extra, by authentically contributing to the gaming community, as opposed to just serving ads within beloved games

Michael Anderson, McGarrah Jessee’s creative director to Gamesbeat

With the Whataburger theme prevalent throughout the map, the Breakfast in Bedwards also provides players with unique brand-themed consumables and more. 

With the introduction of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), brands can now create custom, immersive experiences that are authentic to both their brand and to gamers. Brand integration possibilities go far beyond the current surface level integrations that is possible in most other mediums … Whataburger’s iconic and vibrant branding pair really well with the light and fun vibes of Fortnite.

The game mode retains most of Fortnite's core gameplay mechanics while also ensuring there is fast-paced action. The mix of strategic gameplay and fast-paced combat makes this format a compelling watch.

The tournament’s qualifiers kick off on July 17 with the Main event taking place on July 22, 2024. Some of the biggest creators will be competing in this event. Players can try out the map starting today and can submit Play of the Day clips. Team Captains will use these Play of the Day clips to pick players for their teams. 

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