Apple has, once again, rejected the addition of the Epic Games Store to the iOS App Store.

If you have been following the great war between Apple and Epic Games, you would know that Epic Games has found a way to bring Fortnite and other games to iPhones in specific European countries.

The popular game engine found a loophole recently, that would allow for an Epic Games Store in specific countries on Apple products, allowing for popular games like Fortnite to be available on iOS.

Well, it seems like Apple did not like this.

Apple rejects the Epic Games store

Apple recently released a claim that they had rejected the Epic Games store, which is set to launch on iOS in many European countries over the coming months. This is the second rejection Epic Games has received by them.

So, what does this mean?

Well, as of now, Epic Games is still planning on releasing its store in the iOS App Store later this year. How, you ask? Well, the company has filed a complaint with the European Commission, arguing that Apple's actions are arbitrary, obstructive and in violation of the EU's Digital Markets Act.

Seems like Epic Games has the upper hand this time.

UPDATE: Epic Games has officially announced that Apple has accepted their App within the iOS App Store.

What's Apple's reason for rejecting the Epic Games app?

Why did Apple reject?

Many have been wondering Apple's reason for rejecting the Epic Games app. While most believe it is simply because they do not like Epic Games due to past feuds, Apple has stated its own reason.

The company claims that the Epic Games Store app has designs and buttons that are too similar to the Apple Store app. Epic, however, disagrees.

So, what do you believe? Does Apple have a valid reason for rejecting Epic Game's app? Or are they just out to get the popular gaming company?

The two companies have been at war ever since Epic Games pulled Fortnite from the Apple Store.

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