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It's been many years since a proper Fortnite concert has occurred in-game. Apart from the brief Eminem performance that helped launch Chapter 5, you'd have to go back to Chapter 2 Season 7, when Ariana Grande performed at the "Rift Tour" event. That wait may soon come to an end based on recent leaks. Rumors in the Fortnite scene have indicated a Metallica concert will happen in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

This article details everything we know about this collaboration so far!

Will there be a Metallica concert in Fortnite?

Pre-Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 roadmap leaks have already hinted that Metallica is the next headlining act in the Fortnite Festival. Although it's unclear when that will happen, it seems this Metallica concert in Fortnite could serve as the catalyst for the Fortnite Festival Season 4 launch.

According to Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, Epic Games accidentally left text in the game files that read, "Used in CH5S3 Metallica Concert." As a result, Shiina and many other leakers have taken this as confirmation that there will be a Battle Royale event similar to that of Travis Scott and Marshmello.

When will the concert happen?

Based on the current Fortnite Festival Season 3 Pass, the rumored event would likely occur sometime on or after June 13. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Billie Eilish Festival Pass ends on that day, so an in-game Metallica concert could bridge the gap to Fortnite Festival Season 4.

Pair that with the fact that Metallica is currently on a world tour that ends in September, and it's safe to say this concert could happen sooner rather than later. With June 13 just ten days away, we expect to hear more over the next few days. However, whether that information comes from Epic Games or reliable Fortnite leakers remains to be seen.

What could a Metallica Fortnite concert setlist entail?

If the rumors are true and Metallica will have an in-game Battle Royale concert, we expect a setlist that would include between five and eight songs. Marshmello had eight, and Travis Scott had five, which gives you an idea of how long the concert would last.

As for a potential setlist, Enter Sandman is an absolute lock to be in the mix alongside Master of Puppets, which already has an in-game Emote. The rest could include a mixture of old and newer songs, but we'll have to wait and see.

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