Is Young Kratos coming to Fortnite? cover image

Is Young Kratos coming to Fortnite?

A recently publicized Fortnite survey indicates a strong possibility.

Kratos of the God of War series of games is one of many video game characters who jumped into Fortnite. Alongside others like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Master Chief, Kratos represents the iconic Sony-exclusive franchise in the ultra-popular Battle Royale game. The initial Kratos skin has not appeared in the Item Shop for some time. However, with Chapter 5 Season 2 centering around Greek Mythology, leakers believe a Young Kratos could join his older self in Fortnite.

What's the deal with Young Kratos in Fortnite?

Before the incredibly cinematic God of War entries fans have experienced today, Kratos debuted in the original God of War (2005). This version of the Demigod stuck until later in the series, when he became an aged version of himself. Fortnite's only Kratos skin, launched in 2020, draws inspiration from his appearance in God of War (2018). Although nearly three years have passed since it was last available for purchase, a recent Fortnite survey indicates the younger, more spry version of Kratos could be in the works.

First mentioned by leaker ShiinaBR, Epic Games included "Young Kratos" in a recent survey sent to players. Considering the theme of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, it's reasonable to believe that the collaboration could occur soon.

What can I expect in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2?

Image Credit: Fortnite / HYPEX
Image Credit: Fortnite / HYPEX

Beyond a potential Young Kratos appearance in Fortnite, the Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass features a who's who of Greek Mythology characters, including versions of Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, Medusa, and more. There is reason to believe that the Battle Pass could include a collaboration skin, which is common in Fortnite, but it's unclear what that crossover could be.

With less than one week remaining until the new season, Pandora's Box is open, and chaos is not too far away as players prepare for what lies ahead.

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