Release Pandora’s Box to unlock the next Fortnite event!

The Titan Hand has emerged from beneath the Fortnite Island ahead of Chapter 5 Season 2, as of 2 p.m. ET on March 2, courtesy of the mini-event. Dangling from the gigantic hand is the bridge to Fortnite's upcoming Greek Mythology-themed season. Referred to as "Pandora's Box," Fortnite players can interact with and even damage the treasure chest. Today, we'll explain everything we know about the Titan Hand and Pandora's Box.

UPDATE: Pandora's Box has opened!

After the Titan Hand emerged, players relentlessly damaged the chains holding up Pandora's Box. The chains have been broken, and Pandora's Box is open. You can head to the location explained below to witness what's happening, and more updates will occur throughout the next few days.

Where can I find the Titan Hand and Pandora's Box?

From now until March 8, you can find the Titan Hand and Pandora's Box in Fortnite beside the Ruined Reels point of interest (POI). It burst through the surface during the mini-event, spawning the massive hand with an equally massive Chest dangling beneath it. While the box's contents are unclear, players can damage the chains to bring it down.

How to drop the giant Chest from the chains

Various leakers in the Fortnite scene, including HYPEX, have stated that Pandora's Box has over 50 million HP. It will take a collective effort out of millions of players to chip away as the game prepares for Chapter 5 Season 2. Fellow leaker ShiinaBR stated that the next event will begin once players completely deplete the chain's health.

Considering Fortnite's player count, it's reasonable to believe stage two is not too far away. Although a glitch in some games provided a look at what happens when Pandora's Box descends from the hand, the vast majority will have to wait and see.

Wondering what you can expect in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2? Apart from the confirmed Greek Mythology theme, Epic Games has teased various Battle Pass skins, including Zeus, Ares, and Medusa. Additionally, a Fortnite x Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration event will occur sometime in Season 2.

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