Leaks say Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2 will be Greek Mythology-themed cover image

Leaks say Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2 will be Greek Mythology-themed

Leaks suggest that Fortnite’s upcoming season will be based after Greek Mythology… but are these rumors trusted?

Fortnite sure stays on top of giving players new and unique content each Chapter. With Chapter 5, Season 1 coming to an end, many are starting to theorize what's in store for the next season. A few popular leakers, though, have already put out a bit of information, including that Season 2 may be Greek Mythology-themed.

But would this theme actually make sense within the game? Or is it just another Twitter account spewing false information?

Will Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2 actually be themed after Greek Mythology?

While many leakers have been extremely accurate on Twitter, some have been found to be spreading lies across the platform. When getting ready for a new Fortnite chapter or season, fans developed a lot of opinions on what the future of the game may hold.

One wrong statement and someone may lose complete hope in the game.

So where does this idea that Chapter 5, Season 2 will be themed after Greek Mythology come from? Well, popular leaker HYPEX has tweeted out various designs and more for next season, implying that the game will be taking a Greek Mythology theme.

For some, this may not be enough, but a leaker like HYPEX is well-trusted within the community. Even smaller leak accounts have verified this information. With various new skins and designs leaked it looks like this Greek Mythology rumor may be true.Related: Fortnite Crew March 2024: How to unlock Katt

Why would Fortnite go for a Greek Mythology theme?

A Greek Mythology theme would actually fit, considering Fortnite's current season is based on the Mediterranean. The entirety of Chapter 5, Season 1 has been centered around themes that relate to Italy, with mountains on one part of the island, and vineyards on the other.

The architecture and names of the locations on the island also give off heavy Italian vibes, with places like Fencing Fields and The Plaza.

Fortnite is notorious for finding unique themes to run with, creating worlds that resemble our world's history and more.

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