TaySon remains unstoppable in 3rd EU FNCS victory. PaMstou takes NAE by storm in NAE FNCS All-Star Solo Finals.

FNCS All-Star Solo Championship concluded with an unforgettable win by TaySon in Europe. The now 3-time FNCS Champion secured the victory with the last shot fired in the region. Then Pamstou surprised in NAE with a popoff Victory Royale to sketch his name into FNCS history.

EU FNCS ends with a storybook ending for TaySon

Tai “Guild TaySon” Starčič adds to his resume with another FNCS title. He solidified his victory with a dramatic win in the final match. TaySon wiped out the final four players and brought home the win. It came down to one last 1v1 to decide the tournament. TaySon's final elimination closed the door on the contender "Glorious Veno." The play will not soon be forgotten.

For TaySon, this marks his third FNCS Championship and second solo Championship. He is the winningest player in Europe since the start of Chapter 2. Regardless of the stage, TaySon shows up in the big moments. He has been an absolute force in European Fortnite and is not going anywhere. He is only 16-years-old and remains on top of his game.

Veno fell just short of the tournament win in 2nd place. He consistently reached the top 5 in matches. In four out of six matches, Veno finished in the top 5. Had he converted one of those into a Victory Royale, he would be the champion. Veno tied TaySon in eliminations, but TaySon's two wins were the difference.

Right before the Solo All-Star Finals, Veno announced his signing to Glorious Esport. He is a player on the rise and the signing comes at a beautiful time. Both the player and organization are poised for success in the upcoming season.

EU FNCS All-Star Final Standings

1. GUILD TaySon 7 - $150,000
2 .solo veno - $120,000
3. Homyno airknn - $100,000
4. AOS nebs - $80,000
5. Heretics K1nzеll - $70,000
6. rezonyache32 - $60,000
7. TRC trippernn - $50,000
8. LootBoy Fastroki - $40,000
9. GAMMA Th0masHD - $30,000
10. King Michаel - $25,000

PaMstou wins his first FNCS tournament during NAE FNCS All-Star Solo Finals

The French Canadian player, "PaMstou," surprised and impressed in the NAE FNCS All-Star Solo Championship. His path was unlikely as he only carved out a small loot path. Eight chest spawns proved to be enough for PaMstou. He consistently reached the end game. Then popped off in the fifth match to vault himself into first.

The seven elimination Victory Royale gave him a small lead in first place. With only one match remaining, PaMstou led Leon “BBG Khanada” Khim by 10 points and Alan "Endless Tragix" Nguyen by 12 points. PaMstou could not let those two players outlast him in the final game. Tragix fell early leaving the battle between PaMstou and Khanada. The two players fell back to back, but PaMstou did enough to hold his lead. Additionally, another player "FS Casqer" snuck up the leaderboard and overtook Khanada for 2nd place.

A different player won in all six matches of the NAE FNCS All-Star Finals. The leaderboard saw several shifts throughout the day. The six game format allows a single popoff to shoot players up the standings. Though, one game will not win a tournament.

NAE FNCS All-Star Final Standings

1. PaMstou - $75,000
2. FS casqer - $50,000
3. BBG Khanada1x - $45,000
4. LG Slackes - $35,000
5. ENDLESS TRAGIX - $30,000
6. FаZe Dubs ϟ - $27,000
7. BBG Bucke - $22,000
8. Peterbot - $18,000
9. XSET Ceice - $14,000
10. NRG Edgey - $11,000

An exciting end to the first half of Competitive Fortnite for 2021

The Solo event wraps up a week of entertaining Fortnite action. Between the Creative games and Solos, this week was packed with everything fans wanted. Now, there is a short break in competitive play. Epic Games employees are headed for their summer break. Therefore, no competitions will take place from June 28 - July 11. Season 7 FNCS begins on July 29th.