FNCS All-Star Showdown kicked off with the creative events. The new style was a huge hit as players, fans, and casters loved it!

The first ever rendition of the FNCS All-Star Showdown (event details) occurred over the past three days. Top players from around the world participated in several creative events to test their skills. In the end, the viewers and fans won. These events were a huge hit as everyone from players to viewers to casters delighted in these games.

No one can stop Noahreyli in the Blueprint Battle

Heading into the event, "BL Noahreyli" stood as a clear favorite. He is arguably the best fighter in the world. That does not come without incredible mechanical ability. His ability shone during the EU Blueprint Battle. He took down the fan favorite Benjy "NRG Benjyfishy" David Fish in the finals to win it all.

The Blueprint battle went down to the wire. Benjyfishy hit the final edit down first, but Noahreyli caught up quickly. The mechanical demon dropped down incredibly quickly to secure the victory and the $10,000 cash prize. In a stacked event, Noahreyli declared himself the mechanical king of Europe.

Edgey comes back against Khanada in NAE Blueprint Battle

Before this event, not many fans recognized the editing ability of Ben "NRG Edgey" Peterson. Everyone knows the name, but not everyone knows just how good he is at Fortnite. Edgey proved himself as the best in NAE as he defeated Leon "BBG Khanada" Khim in the Blueprint Battle Final.

Both players put up a great fight, but Edgey walks away as the victor. Throughout the event, Edgey surprised viewers and casters. Everyone knew he was great, but no one knew just how skilled he is. Now, Edgey will receive additional respect for his mechanics as well as his competitive ability.

Degen snubbed as MackWood wins Bullseye Bonanza

The aim challenge came down to the very last moment. "FS Degen" won the first match against Mack "G2 MackWood" Aesoph in the finals. The double elimination tournament forced another match of Degen vs. MackWood. MackWood came out of the winners bracket, so Degen needed to win two matches. Degen won the first match and was on his way to win the second. Unfortunately, MackWood's map bugged and he could not see the targets. This caused a reset when Degen was in the lead.

In the reset match, MackWood took the victory. This is neither player's fault, but rather an unfortunate circumstance. Occasionally, bugs and errors happen during games and it was only fair that the match be restarted. Degen kept his composure afterwards even though he felt robbed.

Mitr0 takes down his duo, Mongraal, in EU Bullseye Bonanza

Both Dmitri "Liquid Mitr0" Van de Vrie and Kyle "FaZe Mongraal" Jackson are known for their incredible aiming ability. The two players are teammates and friends. In the FNCS All-Star EU Final, Mitr0 faced Mongraal for the $10,000 prize. The only thing that separated these two were small mistakes or misses. In the end, Mitr0 clutched up and narrowly beat Mongraal during the final target. As Shyowager put it, "Not even a photograph, a frame of a finish."

The final target determined the victor. Ultimately, Mitr0 out aimed his friend during the final seconds of the Bullseye Bonanza. Either player deserved to win the prize, but Mitr0 went undefeated on his way to the title.

Former teammates go head to head in EU High Tier event

Two of the winningest players in FNCS history went head to head in the FNCS All-Star EU High Tier Final. Tai "Guild TaySon" Starčič took on Jannis "Guild JannisZ" Matwin in the championship match. The former duo mates and current org mates battled for the top prize. In the end, TaySon proved too much for his buddy JannisZ. He took home the top prize and won the High Tier challenge.

Throughout the entire event, TaySon refused to lose a single match. The double elimination style tournament allowed him to quickly run through his competition to victory. JannisZ held the lead halfway through, but missed a build during the tunneling section. He fell and TaySon walked away with the title.

Ajerss makes a statement during the NAE High Tier competition

According to the rules, "FS Ajerss" missed the cutoff for these All-Star creative events. His trio finished in fourth during Season 6 FNCS Finals. Luckily, a trio placed within the top 3 twice and forced another team to be invited. This gave Ajerss and co. the invite. He wasted no time to prove he is a mechanical beast. Ajerss went undefeated through the NAE High Tier event.

Ajerss dominated the event and brought home $10,000 in cash. He had such a lead going into the final 90 crank that he emoted for several seconds. His opponent fell early on and there was no doubt the Ajerss would win this event.

The first FNCS All-Star Showdown is a huge hit

Fortnite took a risk bringing creative into the competitive piece of the game. That risk paid off big time! Everyone appeared to love the events and it gave players a chance to show off different skills. Competitive Fortnite requires a massive amount of skill, knowledge, and composure to perform well. These creative events allowed players to enjoy a part of the game they play regularly, but not for money. Everyone enjoyed the events and now it is time to focus on the All-Star Solo Championship. The events take place on Saturday, June 26 for all regions.