“It is what it is what it is what it is.”

Fortnite has been rolling out various Icon Series Emotes over the last years, and even more recently. The latest arrived in the February 7 Item Shop rotation, unleashing the "Go With The Flow" Fortnite Emote to the masses. This item is currently available for purchase in the Item Shop, and we are here to explain the origins and provide a wholesome reaction from the song's creator.

What is the Go With The Flow Fortnite Emote based upon?

As seen in the Fortnite announcement tweet, the Go With The Flow Emote is based upon the song "It Is What It Is," performed by Jenna Raine and choreographed by Madison Patten. The song exploded in popularity on TikTok, with many of the artist's videos receiving over 1 million views. You can even hear the music with dance choreography in the video below.

Jenna Raine possesses 1.7 million followers on TikTok and can now add becoming a Fortnite Emote to her list of accomplishments. The 19-year-old was formerly a member of the group L2M before branching off into a solo career. Raine went live on her Twitch channel and gave viewers this wholesome reaction to her Fortnite "Go With The Flow" Emote. She even earned a Victory Royale during the broadcast.

How can I unlock the new Icon Series Emote?

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If this story sold you on the Go With The Flow Fortnite Emote, you can follow the instructions below to purchase it in the Item Shop:

  1. Head to the Item Shop tab in Fortnite.
  2. Scroll down until you find the section labeled "Original Spotlight."
  3. The Go With The Flow Emote is the first icon to the far left.
  4. Click on the icon, and purchase the Emote if you have enough V-Bucks.
  5. You can equip it right from the purchase or from your Locker.

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