Me & You emote in Fortnite: Origin explained and how to unlock cover image

Me & You emote in Fortnite: Origin explained and how to unlock

The pre-game lobby is going to be mayhem.

The Me & You emote is here in Fortnite and for fans of TikTok, you’re likely very familiar with its catchy beat.

Gamers looking to blast that one annoying song next to their teammates might’ve just found the perfect emote. This particular emote features no vocals, just a guitar, drum kit, and bass—so it’s sure to annoy the whole lobby.

How to get the Me & You emote in Fortnite

(Image via Epic Games)
(Image via Epic Games)

Prepare to fork out some cash for the Me & You emote in Fortnite. Fortunately, this only sets you back 500 V-bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop.

To find it, head to the Signature Style section in your Fortnite Item Store. Once you get your hands on the Me & You emote, you’ll whip out a guitar and bash out a snippet of the full song.

However, there is an issue impacting the Fortnite Item Store. These undisclosed issues forced Epic to remove things from the Shop. If your Me & You emote is missing, that’s likely why. 

Where does it come from?

(Image via Marvellous on YouTube)
(Image via Marvellous on YouTube)

As previously mentioned, you’ve heard the Me & You song on TikTok and Instagram. But, its origins are likely unknown. The Me & You song in Fortnite is actually called Love You So by The King Khan & BBQ Show.

There are varying release dates for Love You So. However, this date changes thanks to multiple releases by different record labels. Its original release date was September 29, 2004. But, was released in 2005 and 2007 by the record studios Hazelwood Records and In the Red Records. 

Since its release, it’s made its way around social media like wildfire. Its catchy, simple, and upbeat nature makes it the perfect fit for short social media posts. Fear not, the Me & You song in Fortnite does have vocals. Just not in Fortnite.

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