Yoda + Dr. Zoidberg = GAME CRASH

Fortnite's latest Star Wars event is off and running. Darth Vader has returned, Chewbacca made his debut, and Epic Games launched an entirely new line of cosmetics in the Item Shop. However, one unique item has caused bizarre game crashes because of one Emote inspired by Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama. Those who would perform this specific Fortnite Emote while having the Yoda Backbling equipped would experience this issue.

Here is the latest on this strange situation and how Epic Games is addressing the problem.

Crashing, my game is, thanks to the Fortnite Yoda Backbling

The recent Yoda Backbling is one of the better Star Wars cosmetics in Fortnite. It draws directly from The Empire Strikes Back; plenty of people have spent their V-Bucks on it. However, players soon discovered a bizarre issue with the Backbling that would cause consistent game crashes.

As pointed out by Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, those with the Yoda Backbling equipped in Fortnite would experience a complete game crash after performing the "Zoidberg Scuttle" Emote. This Futurama-inspired Emote would cause the Yoda Backbling to glitch before Fortnite would close out entirely.

When will Epic Games fix the issue?

Epic Games became aware of this game-breaking glitch on May 6. The Fortnite Status account on X informed followers and removed the Yoda Backbling, Disassembled C-3PO Backbling, and Dagobah Luke skin from the Item Shop on May 7.

It's unclear when the Yoda Backbling will return to the game. In a recent case where the split screen function on consoles stopped working correctly, Epic Games took a few days to fix it. As a result, it could be back today or in a few days, but we will ultimately have to wait for further confirmation from the developers.

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