Chewbacca has left Han Solo’s side for a Fortnite adventure.

Chewbacca makes his long-awaited Fortnite debut on May 3 with the newest Fortnite x Star Wars event. This collaboration features ample content, from Battle Royale to LEGO Fortnite and everything in between. On the Battle Royale side, Epic Games has made Chewbacca a non-player character (NPC), who you can find and rescue. This article explains where to find the loveable Wookiee in Fortnite.

Where is Chewbacca in Fortnite?

Look for the blue smoke (Credit: Epic Games)
Look for the blue smoke (Credit: Epic Games)

You will find the Chewbacca NPC at the newly introduced Imperial Roadblocks stationed around the map. While there are several, Chewbacca will spawn randomly at just one in each Battle Royale match. Be on the lookout for the blue smoke from this sky. This smoke indicates where you can find Chewbacca. He is a prisoner of the Imperial forces, meaning you must rescue him.

Upon locating the proper Imperial Roadblock containing the Wookiee, you must eliminate the Stormtroopers holding him captive. Those who successfully rescue Chewbacca will receive two benefits for their efforts.

What happens when I rescue Chewie?

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Chewbacca will hand you his signature Bowcaster weapon, prominently featured in the Star Wars films, to show his gratitude. He will also join your squad for the remainder of the match until you win or another player sends you back to the lobby. Although Chewbacca is an NPC, having additional firepower in a sweaty Fortnite match never hurts.

Those only looking to acquire the Wookiee Bowcaster can search through various Imperial Chests (pictured above). These Chests have appeared in previous Star Wars updates. They contain a mixture of E-11 Blasters, Wookiee Bowcasters, and other Fortnite items.

How do I unlock the Chewbacca skin in Fortnite?

Chewbacca fans only have one currently confirmed method of acquiring the character's Fortnite skin. This Outfit is available via the LEGO Fortnite Star Wars Battle Pass under the Premium Track. Upgrade from Free to Premium will cost you 1,400 V-Bucks, and you will receive additional rewards while working through it.

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