The recognizable esports and apparel brand – Team Liquid – has officially announced an unexpected collaboration with Epic Games and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Team Liquid’s involvement in the Fortnite scene dates back to 2019 when the organization signed many top players. Since then, the Liquid brand has remained a staple in the scene. Fortnite x Team Liquid surfaced yesterday as an intriguing collaboration that benefits both parties. However, nothing stands out more than Team Liquid’s apparel offering, sporting the Fortnite logo and drawing inspiration from team players.

Fortnite x Team Liquid apparel offerings

Beginning June 24, the Team Liquid clothing store will list an array of crossover apparel offerings. Moreover, there is a pair of mousepads available. However, the most appealing aspect of this crossover lies within Team Liquid’s Fortnite roster and their involvement. 

Such notable personalities as Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie, Tyler “Scoped” Appleby, Josef “STRETCH” Liepshutz and Alixxa are featured prominently in the crossover. As a result, each of member has one or multiple items dedicated to them in the apparel launch. Additionally, you can see the official collection here for the different patterns, designs and Fortnite characters skins featured.

Clothing in the collection ranges from $20 for a pair of socks to $135 for a windbreaker jacket. Overall, it’s a unique apparel crossover, considering Team Liquid’s success as a lifestyle brand.

In-game Team Liquid creative map & launch stream

In addition, Fortnite and Team Liquid produced a creative map that seems to encompass many of the game’s standout features. The trailer above depicts an island with the Team Liquid logo and multiple mini-games.

Here is a comment from the organization's CBDO Mike Milanov via LinkedIn regarding the collaboration:

"We are launching a global collab with original artwork, Team Liquid co-branded Apparel & our athletes designing a part of the collection featuring their favorite legacy skins. This will launch globally across 3 continents, includes a Creative Mode map featuring our 6 athletes and 6 horse manes in our logo with individualized mini games which will show up on Twitch across owned & operated broadcasts along with awarding scores!"

Mike milanov via linkedin

What is the Team Liquid Fortnite creative Map code?

The live stream will reveal the creative map code on stream on June 24.

Soon, the organization’s entire Fortnite roster will combine for a stream on June 24 at 12 PM EST for the official apparel launch and Team Liquid map gameplay. 

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