Fortnite x Pac-Man collaboration to debut June 2 cover image

Fortnite x Pac-Man collaboration to debut June 2

Fortnite and Pac-Man are teaming up for a collaboration on June 2 that will bring the iconic Atari character into Battle Royale mode.

Pac-Man is coming to Fortnite, as confirmed in a leak published on the PAC-MAN website today. A press release indicated a June 2nd release date for the Fortnite x Pac-Man collaboration, which centers around cosmetic items that will appear in the item shop.

Epic Games has yet to acknowledge Fortnite's latest gaming crossover outside of a peculiar happy birthday wish to the iconic Atari series. Let's see what this partnership has in store for fans ahead of its release.

Fortnite x Pac-Man is Official

Epic Games has made an admirable effort to bring other gaming icons into the ultra-popular Fortnite Battle Royale. As a result, fans have watched legendary characters such as Vi, Jinx, Nathan Drake, Master Chief and more appear in Fortnite. Along with many others, these four became part of the Gaming Legends Series. Pac-Man will become the latest addition to this growing list.

The website post did not divulge what this Fortnite x Pac-Man collaboration would entail. Undoubtedly, it would be challenging to pitch a full-scale Pac-Man skin in-game. This collaboration will likely revolve around Pac-Man-related clothing on the usual Fortnite character models based on a line of text in the press release.

What's more, the reveal was later confirmed by the official PAC-MAN Twitter.

The post confirmed the inclusion of cosmetic items as part of the collaboration.

"The collaboration between the online games "Fortnite" and "Pac-Man" sold and distributed by Epic Games has been decided! Items with the "Pac-Man" motif will appear."

pac-man press release

What to expect from the Pac-Man collaboration

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Like the recent Wu-Tang Clan crossover, we can expect something similar when Pac-Man arrives on June 2nd. Particularly, the news release points toward a blend of different characters with Pac-Man shirts and more. Furthermore, other cosmetic items could include a glider, back bling, emote and wrap. There's no shortage of options available to Epic Games as Pac-Man arrives in Fortnite for the first time. 

We'll learn more in the coming days as Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 nears its end. It's worth noting that the season-ending and Fortnite x Pac-Man collaboration will occur around the same time. Could it be a coincidence? We will have to wait for an answer to that. 

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