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Fortnite the Block 2.0 contest: Help rebuild Tilted Towers

Here’s everything you need to know about the Block 2.0 contest.

Fortnite's fan-favorite "The Block" concept is back in Chapter 3 Season 3 with version 2.0. The game's newest experience offers many points of interest (POIs), including newly Rave Cave and Reality Falls, alongside Chapter 3 mainstays such as Condo Canyon, Sleepy Sound and The Daily Bugle. However, no current location garners more interest than Tilted Towers–a staple in Fortnite history. 

Unfortunately, Chapter 3's version of Tilted Towers fell victim to last season's battle between the Resistance and the Imagine Order (IO). As a result, the legendary POI requires reconstruction. Enter The Block 2.0 in Fortnite, a concept that dates back to Chapter 1. Today, Epic Games revealed a contest for designers to create a building within the confines of Tilted Towers. 

Fortnite to rebuild Tilted Towers with creators via The Block 2.0

Creative members of the Fortnite scene have the opportunity of a lifetime. Tilted Towers needs some new buildings, and Epic Games has opened up Fortnite's The Block 2.0 contest to anyone. Subsequently, the developers released a blog post to explain the competition:

"Submit your very own designs that could end up on everyone's favorite block. A select group of creators may find their designs featured in-game to be voted on by the community. Creators with the most votes may find their block creations featured across both Battle Royale and Zero Build!"

The idea is for creators to head into Creative Mode and put their knowledge and skills to the test. Each building within Tilted Towers serves a purpose, many of which received their own community-made nicknames. However, The Block 2.0 provides an arduous task to devise a unique structure. Fortnite's level design teams listed these tips to focus on for participants in the contest:

  • Advanced Movement
  • Building
  • Flow
  • Storytelling
  • Density
  • Fight Direction
  • Ground Floor
  • Line of Sight
  • Navigation

The Block 2.0 contest submission criteria

Tilted Towers in Chapter 3 Season 3
Tilted Towers in Chapter 3 Season 3

Unlike previous Fortnite contests, The Block 2.0 features robust submission criteria that all prospective entrants should consider before enlisting. In other words, those who overlook even the most minuscule detail could have their design disqualified entirely. 

Here is the lengthy list of considerations for potential The Block 2.0 contestants:

  • Only one map per creator will be accepted
  • If you submit more than one map, all submissions will be rejected
  • All maps must be original work
  • If you use real life references or other external inspirations while creating, please save those references and disclose them to Epic at the time of your submission.
  • You must use one of the provided templates (The Block 2.0 Apartments Template, Restaurant Template and Shops Template).
  • You may only use assets from galleries that appear under The Block 2.0 filter
  • There are no restrictions on which galleries you use from The Block 2.0 filter for specific buildings. Any assets within that filter can be used for any building type.
  • When you load your desired template, do not customize any of the settings. 
  • If you change the settings, your building will be automatically disqualified.
  • The default height for all templates is 5.
  • You do not need to build to the maximum height, but you cannot build any higher than 5.
  • The width and depth of the devices have been preset for each location/template. 
  • Do not adjust the size of the device's volume.
  • Submissions must be entirely new work
  • Any map in consideration must be a brand new creation published during the callout period.
  • You must include a static image of your building with your submission.
  • We will not accepted changes after you submit your island
  • No revision will be possible

Winner selection process & dates

According to Fortnite's The Block 2.0 blog post, level designers will review and score submissions on a rolling basis. Moreover, the judges may select up to three proposals for each building type, then go to an in-game community vote. 

These are the voting periods to keep in mind for July and August:

  • The Restaurant : 7/21 8:00 am ET - 7/27 4:00 pm ET 
  • The Apartments : 7/27 4:00 pm ET - 8/3 12:00 am ET
  • The Shops : 8/3 12:00 am ET - 8/9 8:00 am ET 

The Block 2.0 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for creators who would like to become part of Fortnite's illustrious history. Thus, it's something worth watching as the next few months unfold. Until then, check out Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 to see Titled Towers' current appearance before it changes.

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