Get ready to rock out in Fortnite Festival Season 4!

Fortnite Festival Season 4 is just a few days away, and the teasers have begun. Some players may notice an in-game pop-up screen laying the foundation for what will unfold. With the highly-publicized Fortnite roadmap 2024 leak ringing true thus far, it's clear what to expect. This article provides all the information we know about Fortnite Festival Season 4 ahead of the start date.

When will Fortnite Festival Season 4 begin?

Based on the current Festival Pass, Season 3 concludes on June 13, meaning Season 4 begins the same day. Epic Games has confirmed this via recent in-game Fortnite Festival teasers. Based on this information, players can expect a new Festival Pass, new Jam Tracks, in-game cosmetics, and more on June 13.

Who is headlining Season 4?

Thus far, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, and Billie Eilish have headlined the first three Fortnite Festival seasons. All three acts fall under the pop genre, and Season 4 will reportedly take the Festival game mode in a different direction. Based on the roadmap leaks and some other clear indicators, Metallica will front-run Season 4.

Epic Games recently released the band's hit song Master of Puppets as a Jam Track. It's no coincidence that the same song has its own Emote. Many have paired these two hints with the fact that the Fortnite Festival Season 4 teaser and Master of Puppets Emote sport the same yellow color scheme.

It's safe to assume that Metallica is the new headlining act and will appear prominently once the new season begins on June 13. Additionally, rumors in the Fortnite scene have hinted at a potential Metallica concert, similar to the previous Marshmello and Travis Scott performances. However, we will have to wait and see if that comes to fruition.

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