Two top trios won the DreamHack Cash Cup Extra in North America and Europe. An EU trio even set the point record.

Both North America and Europe saw familiar faces winning the final DreamHack Cash Cup Extra of Season 6. Hen, Chapix, and JannisZ set the point record in Europe. While Reverse2k, Mero, and Deyy returned to the top of the leader board. Both trios continue to prove their dominance of their respective regions.

Hen, Chapix, and JannisZ look unstoppable in Dreamhack Cash Cup

Nothing can stop Henrik "Guild Hen" Mclean, Jannis "Guild JannisZ" Matwin, and Moussa "chapix" Fh besides themselves. The trios has had internal rifts and struggles, but continue to dominate events. They won the Trio Cash Cup on Monday and then proceeded to break the overall point record for DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. With 855 total points, the trio won the event with a 73 point lead over the next best team.

Hen, JannisZ, and Chapix started the tournament off well, but disappeared during the next few matches. Then the trio came out of seemingly nowhere with two victory royales and a 2nd place match to end the tournament. Between the three matches, the team dropped 45 eliminations. To put it in perspective, those three matches alone would have placed them in 36th out of 132 total trios. Over the course of their entire run the trio amassed a staggering 91 kills.

Regardless of how they feel personally, this trio looks scary good heading into FNCS Grand Finals. At the moment, the are people that can stop Hen, Chapix, and JannisZ are themselves. After winning last season's FNCS, the trio is poised to go back to back, a feat which has happened only a few times in Fortnite history.

EU DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Standings

1. GUILD Hen ӝ, GUILD JannisZ, oogway 74 - $2100
2. LootBoy Slender, ALOFT Voidd, wxlfiez - $1800
3. Wave Vadeal, BL Noahreyli ӝ, rezon ay лол ӝ - $1500
4. Heretics K1nzеll, apeks IDrop 7, wakie 7 - $1200
5. BL Setty, GAMMA Kami, GXR teeq - $900

Peaking at the right time; Reverse2k, Mero, and Deyy narrowly win

Since Season 4, Malachi "Endl8ss Reverse2k" Greiner, Dejsean "Endl8ss Deyy" Hew, and "Mero" have regularly placed within the Top 10 of events. Wins have been more elusive. Finally, this trio reclaimed first place. Unlike their European counterparts, this trio did not need to make a comeback. They started out with four straight matches with a top 3 placement or better. This put Reverse2k, Deyy, and Mero in first place early on, but many teams would make a push for the top.

The trio makes the game look easy when playing. Their individual skill combined with incredible team synergy allows them to coast through matches. Their aggressive style differs from most teams in North America. It is a high-risk, high-reward style of play that has proven successful for them.

NAE DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Standings

2. LG jamper 7, Threats 7, DT Rise - $1800
3. 9LIVES VOILCCEPT, XPRT Xccept, Snakeccept - $1500
4. TrainH saffy, Liquid ЅТRETCН, C9 Avery - $1200
5. TSM Cоmadon, FaZe Cented, NRG Edgey - $900

Several trios hindered by long queue times

The last match of the tournament decides a ton. Unfortunately, many of the top trios in NAE missed out on that final match. Several of the teams in the Top 10, as queue times closed, were unable to enter a match. This prevented teams from climbing or holding their position on the leaderboard.

Understanding queues and queue times is vital to optimal performance during Fortnite tournaments. Typically, a trio needs five or more minutes to receive a match. Occasionally, those conditions change based on the number of teams, points, and formats. Players that understand how to optimize their games within the set time garner a huge advantage over teams that do not. Sometimes these teams play with fire when trying to maximize their points and games.

Overall the Dreamhack Cash Cup Extra did not disappoint, and the 91 kill run in the EU event was simply sensational.