Check out all the information about the first Power event of DBFZ World Tour 2024-25.

The might of Dragon Ball FighterZ is based on its dedicated community. The game is a remarkable example of the tag-team fighting sub-genre, and it features an impressive roster of popular Dragon Ball characters. But the later period of the title’s lifespan was rather tough — only thanks to many enthusiastic players, the game made it from a broken rollback netcode to the newest DBFZ World Tour and the soon-coming balance update. Dragon Ball FighterZ is still alive!

The DBFZ tournament at CEO 2024 is the best proof of this. After quite a break, the Dragon Ball FighterZ esports competitors gather again to compete for many points in the World Tour Power event. All the details are here.

CEO 2024 DBFZ results

Not every top player returned to DBFZ for the new World Tour. It’s the first thing to notice about CEO 2024. For instance, we could see Nitro playing Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising and finishing 4th. At the same time, Zane managed to combine these two games, and he finished 5th-6th at GBVS Rising.

On the other hand, some new names reached the top 8 part of the CEO 2024 Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, and these guys played pretty well (even if such “veterans” as INZEM and Garlic Bread are still on top).

As for the team composition, there were no Fusions at all, and Lab Coat was present only in three teams. It feels like the current build is nicely balanced.

INZEM had a great run in the top 8 brackets. He had clear victories over Ksack and Zane. In the grand final vs Garlic Bread, INZEM lost only one game.

INZEM is the DBFZ champion at CEO 2024. Congratulations!

DBFZ results at CEO 2024: the final brackets (image via
DBFZ results at CEO 2024: the final brackets (image via
DBFZ teams (point/mid/anchor)
DBFZ World Tour 2024-25 points earned
1INZEMBase Vegeta/Cell/Android 18400
2Garlic BreadSuper Baby 2/Captain Ginyu/Krillin; Super Baby 2/Nappa/Krillin350
3ZaneZamasu/Lab Coat/Beerus; Jiren/Beerus/Lab Coat250
5-6ScrubDaddyLeeJiren/Frieza/DBS Broly100
5-6LucarVidel/Lab Coat/Android 16100
7-8DragonVonDoomBlue Vegeta/Nappa/Lab Coat75
7-8BrycetonJiren/Master Roshi/Android 1775

CEO 2024 DBFZ schedule

The Dragon Ball FighterZ matches start on the second day of CEO 2024. First, the participants are divided into four pools, and six top players from each pool proceed to the top 24 part. Then, they fight for the top 8 placements and eventually for the champion title.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ CEO 2024 schedule is in the table below.

Tournament stage
Starting time (ET)
Starting time (PT)
PoolsSaturday, June 292 p.m.11 a.m.
Top 24 to top 8Saturday, June 296 p.m.3 p.m.
Top 8Sunday, June 303 p.m.12 p.m.

DBFZ World Tour 2024-25 details

The new World Tour for Dragon Ball FighterZ starts with the CEO 2024 tournament. In total, the league has 11 Power-level events. 

DBFZ World Tour Power Event
CEO 2024June 28 - 30Daytona Beach, Florida
The MIXUP 2024July 13 - 14Lyon, France
FV Major 2024July 27 - 28Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia
CROSSOVER 2024Aug. 3 - 4Germany
VSFighting XIIAug. 16 - 18United Kingdom
RMIT Games Day 2024Aug. 25Melbourne, Australia
Emirates Showdown 2024Aug. 30 - Sept. 1Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ultimate Fighting Arena 2024Sept. 13 - 15France
Thunderstruck 2024Sept. 14 - 15Mexico
Thaiger Uppercut 2024Oct. 5 - 6Thailand
East Coast Throwdown 2024Oct. 11 - 13Hartford, Connecticut

The DBFZ tournament at Evo 2024, between July 19 - 21, has the Power+ rank, and the winner here will get a direct invite to the DBFZ World Tour 2024-2025 Global Finals. 

In addition to the high-level events, the DBFZ World Tour 2024-25 features many community-driven Tenkaichi tournaments. A total of 13 players will qualify for the Finals event through the global leaderboard. One player will be able to proceed to the Global Finals via the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ).

After Evo 2024, the game will be updated. The developers are not adding new characters to the fights, though. Dragon Ball FighterZ will get a new battle balance, which still should refresh the competition.

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