Players in three main regions rush into the refreshed competition, with invites to the Summer Royale as the main rewards.

New beginnings in competitive leagues are especially interesting. Players have a chance to forget their previous failures (and successes) to start everything from scratch. Brawlhalla competitors have such a chance with the esports Trial of Heimdall. Three tournaments start the Summer Circle series.

All the details about them are here.

Where to watch the Brawlhalla Trial of Heimdall?

Unlike many other Brawlhalla esports events, the Trial of Heimdal is powered by tier 1 tournament organizers. The streams are not on the official channels, so check out the list below to not miss the matches (and viewership rewards).

Trial of Heimdall: Schedule

The event continues for two days: July 13 and 14. We highlight the start time in the table below. 

Local start time
NA start time, PT and ET
EuropeSaturday, July 132 p.m. CEST5 a.m. PT / 8 a.m. ET
South AmericaSaturday, July 132 p.m. BRT10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET
North AmericaSunday, July 1412 p.m. ET9 a.m. PT 

Note that the main action starts much later, as all three tournaments have many registered players: more than 820 for EU, 260 for SA, and 680 for NA. Time is needed to reach the final Top 8 brackets.

Brawlhalla Twitch Drops at the Trial of Heimdall

There is a substantial reason to watch all the streams and all the matches. As part of the official Brawlhalla esports Summer Circle 2024, the Trial of Heimdall participates in the viewership rewards program. 

The items you can obtain are shown in the image below.

Trial of Heimdall in the Brawlhalla esports Summer Circle 2024

The schedule of Brawlhalla Esports Year Nine includes two series of events: Winter and Summer Circles.The Winter Circle 2024 finished with the Winter Royale Invitational — the South American player Kyna won it (and later he became Doubles and Singles winner at the Brawlhalla Mid-Season Championship 2024).

Winter and Summer circles (image via Brawlhalla Esports)
Winter and Summer circles (image via Brawlhalla Esports)

The Summer Circle 2024 starts with the Trial of Heimdall. This means the competitive standing will be refreshed in three regions, and the players will fight for points. The top four placements in EU, SA, and NA will get their invites to the offline invitational, the Summer Royale 2024.

The structure is somewhat unusual, as we have mainly online tournaments over the year. But some pro Brawlhalla players enjoy it even more — like Kyna who revealed that in an exclusive interview for

Trial of Heimdall results

Check the results of these Brawlhalla esports tournaments when the matches are over.For everything exciting about Brawlhalla and other fighting games, stick around on!