This Greatsword character looks like a mighty beast, which should help Imugi dominate fighting platforms.

The roster of Brawlhalla has 62 characters, and the developers want to make this number even more impressive. A new Legend will be released to the game: Imugi joins Brawlhalla — and he is a very interesting fighter to play. All of the information on Brawlhalla's Imugi is here.

Imugi in Brawlhalla: The warrior chef

The first trailer for Imugi was shown to the community during the Midseason Championship 2024, a big Brawlhalla esports tournament at CEO 2024

Weapons of Imugi

Like all Brawlhalla Legends, Imugi has two types of weapons to fight with. The character spawns in the game with empty hands, but then he can grab weapons on the platforms.


According to the teaser trailer, Imugi has a Greatsword. It’s a slow but highly damaging weapon. The Greatsword is better for ground play, as it’s rather clumsy in the air. Landing hits with it may be challenging since Brawlhalla is a fast-paced game and character movements are just as important here as their attacks.

In skilled hands, the Greatsword is a power to be reckoned with. It is easy to build orange-red damage with it. Then, the weapon delivers effective launchers and KO attacks.

Other Brawlhalla characters with the Greatsword are:

  • Jaeyun
  • Mako
  • Magyar
  • Arcadia

Player yüz won the Brawlhalla World Championship in 2023 with Jaeyun as his main character. This clearly speaks of the Greatsword’s potential.


The second weapon of Imugi is Axe. It's nicely compliments the archetype of this Legend as a massive Kaiju. Other pairs with Greatsword in Brawlhalla are the following:

  • Sword (Jaeyun)
  • Katars (Mako)
  • Hammer (Magyar)
  • Spear (Arcadia)

Imugi’s move set and game play

The actual move set of Imugi in Brawlhalla strongly depends on his weapons. The Light Attacks are universal across all the characters with the same weapon type. If you played one of the other Greatsword Legends, you will be able to grab Imugi and immediately know his Light move set.

Light Attacks with Greatsword (Image via Blue Mammoth Games)
Light Attacks with Greatsword (Image via Blue Mammoth Games)

With Signature Attacks, everything is more complicated. They are unique for every Brawlhalla character. The Signature move set of Imugi in Brawlhalla was shown during one of Dev Stream, alongside his skins on launch.

In general, Imugi is a tank character with a lot of defense and super high damage. On the other hand, he is slow and may be less effective off the platforms.

  • Imugi's Side Signature with Axe is chargeable, with two stages. Imugi hits with the weapon and then uses explosive fire on his opponent.
  • With Axe Down Sign, Imugi spreads fire right underneath himself, and on hit, spins the Axe, choosing the direction of launching (active input).
  • Neutral Signature reveals the dragon nature of Imugi. It's a mighty upward attack with cool animation.
  • During Side Signature with Greatsword, Imugi transforms into a dragon soul as well. The horizontal reach of this attack is impressive! It's a super effective launcher.
  • On Greatsword Neutral Signature, Imugi hops a bit and spins to catch an opponent and launch them downwards.
  • Imugi spins intensely on the platform with Greatsword Down Sign, hitting low.

Brawlhalla Imugi: Release date

Imugi is available in Brawlhalla on July 17, 2024.

How to unlock Imugi in Brawlhalla

If you purchase the Brawlhalla All Legends Pack, you will get all the characters in the game — current and future. It’s a good deal, so consider this option to play Imugi on Day 1.

It is also possible to buy Imugi with Gold, which is an in-game currency. New Legends usually cost 7,200 Gold, and it is not too difficult to accumulate this amount from daily login bonuses and level ups of your account and Legends. Still, this takes time, and it’s certainly not the best idea if you want to have all Brawlhalla characters in your personal roster.

Imugi sure can appear in the weekly rotations of free Brawlhalla Legends, but it’s impossible to predict when this may happen. The Gold price may go down to 5,400 — this usually takes quite some time.

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