Kyna is a mighty force in professional Brawlhalla! The player dominates the South American scene and the offline international events.

It’s a rare occasion to see the best Brawlhalla players from different regions competing together. But when it happens, Brazilian competitors destroy everyone on their way to the top and then decide on the champion between themselves — at least, it’s the scenario at a few recent big tournaments. And Kyna is one to reach the grand finals and even win the titles.

Kyna was 2nd at the World Championship 2023. He won the Spring Royale 2024, one of two prestigious invitationals this year for pro Brawlhalla. Kyna also is the Mid-Season 2024 champion! We reached out to the Kyna after his amazing success at CEO 2024: Doubles and Singles victory. Here is our exclusive interview with Kyna, who is representing the organization Kingdom Esports. We don’t have too many official Brawlhalla tournaments of the open offline format. How different does it feel to play here than during online Trials or offline Royale Invitationals?

Kyna: Overall, I prefer to play at the online tournaments. I don’t like the trips, so yes, this year is actually better for me. Last year, Brawlhalla had a lot of LANs, and I didn’t go, ‘cause I really feel tired during the trips.

Securing two victories must be super exciting at CEO 2024. How do you manage to combine 1v1 and 2v2 training? Do you have some practice routine to develop both types of skills?

Kyna: About training, I always answer the same — I just play as much as I can actually. If I could name one thing that helps me then it’s to have every good player on my friends list. I'm pretty good with anyone, so I open the game and just start inviting people to play.

Teros has been your main character since ages. What do you love about him?

Kyna: Teros is obviously a high-tier Legend, and that makes me like him. But also, he matches my playstyle perfectly.

What’s your most difficult matchup — an opponent to play against? Kyna: I would say yüz and Raydish. They are pretty hard for me.

Kyna playing at CEO 2024 (image via Brawlhalla Esports)
Kyna playing at CEO 2024 (image via Brawlhalla Esports)

South American players pretty much dominate the Brawlhalla international scene at this point. Can you share the secret of your power?

Kyna: To be honest, I think most of us just really love the game so we don't have a problem playing it all day, every day.

Do you like newer Brawlhalla Legends? Is there a weapon combination you would like to have in the game? Maybe a totally new weapon?

Kyna: I’ve been waiting for some time for Hammer and Cannon, with high strength. I would love this!

What’s your goal for this season? What motivates you to compete in Brawlhalla?

Kyna: My goal is BCX, for sure; the final goal of any Brawlhalla pro. I’ve got some achievements, like CEO, but BCX feels different. What motivates me to play? Fun and money!

Have you tried MultiVersus? What do you think about it?

Kyna: I never tried MultiVersus to be honest. I don’t play any other games.

Competitive Brawlhalla is stacked over the next few weeks, with lots of events taking place. Kyna participates in the South American division of the online Trials — with the Trial of Heimdall happening between July 13 and 14. For everything interesting about these and other tournaments, stick around on!