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Bleed Esports announces partnership with Kick

After DSG, Bleed Esports announced its partnership with popular livestreaming platform Kick.

On Jan. 29, BLEED Esports announced its partnership with Kick. This announcement arrived just four days after Disguised (DSG) adopted its VALORANT roster. On the other hand, the increasingly popular livestreaming platform continues to expand in the world of esports.

Making major moves in a short period of time

BLEED is living in the fast lane, announcing two major partnerships in less than a week. On Jan. 25, DSG departed North America to pick up BLEED's Southeast Asian VALORANT roster. BLEED's entry to the competitive scene was through this game. It will continue to commit to the scene by working together with DSG, and winning VCT Pacific 2024 will be its first step.

Meanwhile, Kick has been making some major moves of its own in the last couple of months. This is not the first time the platform partnered with an esports organization. In November 2023, B8 Esports announced its sponsorship deal with Kick. B8 founder and beloved Dota 2 legend, Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, already received his green check mark as an official streamer.

What are BLEED and Kick's terms of collaboration?

The details to BLEED and Kick's terms of partnership are unknown. The same goes for B8's sponsorship deal. One of the reasons for Kick's popularity is the platform's 95/5 revenue split for its streamers. And this does not take into account its ambitious partnership deals when it comes to onboarding famous content creators. Take xQc's $100 million deal, for example.

What seems clear is that all of BLEED's esports teams and content creators will soon be affiliated with Kick. BLEED has rosters for VALORANT, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and CS:GO. On top of that, it also has three signed content creators.

Despite Kick's aggressive expansion, its numbers are still a far cry from that of Twitch. Purely in terms of audience numbers, Twitch has up to 2.4 million viewers versus Kick's 54,000 as of Jan. 29. And so it remains unclear how successful these partnerships are or will be.

Kick versus Twitch stats on Jan. 29 data screenshot (Image via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Streams Charts</a>)
Kick versus Twitch stats on Jan. 29 data screenshot (Image via Streams Charts)

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