DSG officially exits North American VALORANT.

DSG has partnered with BLEED esports to support a VALORANT team in Southeast Asia. This marks the org’s exit from NA VALORANT and the new team will feature some of the former BLEED VALORANT players.

DSG marks entry to SEA VALORANT

Team Disguised will soon announce a new VALORANT roster featuring SEA players. This announcement marks the official exit of DSG from the North American market. 

The Disguised Toast-owned team will now enter the Southeast Asian market in partnership with BLEED esports. The new features several former BLEED esports VALORANT players as well. 

“One of my goals with DSG is to build it into a global brand, and I’ve always wanted to expand to the Asia region. I lived in Malaysia from age 1 to 13 and haven’t visited since, so I’m excited to make a return. A huge thank you to BLEED for supporting us through this whole process and helping us build a roster. Fans can expect DSG to be visiting the SEA region this year.”

- DisguisedToast 

<em>Image via BLEED and Disguised</em>
Image via BLEED and Disguised

DSG had a mixed bag of results last year. The team finished eighth in the North America Split 1 but their performance deteriorated to the 12th place in Split 2. Their run at the Play-In Relegation came to an abrupt halt after a 0-2 loss to MAD Lions. 

With this partnership, DSG hopes to enter the Asian market. BLEED’s strong presence in Asia will be a key point of this partnership. DSG and BLEED plan to host watch parties and events together, focusing on the community aspect of their fanbase. 

The Pacific Region has been one of the fastest-growing regions when it comes to VALORANT esports. With a strong esports presence in the form of teams such as Paper Rex, DRX, BLEED, and more, there’s a sizeable fanbase in the region. DSG hopes to capture a segment of this fanbase while also improving its results in the VALORANT Champions Tour.

As the Ascension team for VCT Pacific, it’s important to us to remember where we started. To keep supporting Challengers and Malaysia/Singapore through VALORANT, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Disguised’s expansion into Asia. More details on our joint initiatives will be revealed soon, where our priority is the fans and growing our community.” .

BLEED COO Ian Huston

What is DSG's new VALORANT roster?

The DSG VALORANT roster is as follows:

The players are all from Southeast Asia. Juicy was part of Bleed esports and was a key member of the squad during their VCT Ascension run in 2023. Bleed won VCT Ascension 2023 which helped them qualify for the 2024 and 2025 Pacific League.

One of the first goals for this new partnership would be to seek entry into VCT Pacific. BLEED Esports won the VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific. They are one of the eight teams that form the VCT Pacific Kickoff that starts next month. 

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