100 Thieves apparel confirmed to appear in NBA 2K23 cover image

100 Thieves apparel confirmed to appear in NBA 2K23

Some of the other brands in NBA 2k23 include Adidas, Air Jordan, Nike and more.

A tweet today from the official NBA 2K23 account confirmed a number of lifestyle brands would be showcased in the upcoming title. One of which — 100 Thieves — drew significant attention across the esports industry. The Los Angeles-based organization has been around for quite some time, doubling as an apparel and esports brand. Today, 100 Thieves reached yet another milestone, appearing on a list of clothing brands to appear in NBA 2K23. 

The brand joins a slew of other well-established brands in the industry to see its logos and apparel displayed in the series’ latest entry. 

100 Thieves to appear alongside Air Jordan & more in NBA 2K23

First reported by Jake Lucky, the patented 100 Thieves logo showed up in an official tweet from the NBA2K Twitter account. However, it’s unclear what the brand’s presence in-game will constitute. Fans can expect to perhaps see their created players sporting 100 Thieves and other recognizable clothing lines. 

Here are some of the other brands confirmed to appear in NBA 2K23 under the “Brand Spotlight”:

  • Air Jordan
  • Converse
  • Mitchell & Ness
  • New Balance
  • New Era
  • Nike
  • Wilson
  • Puma
  • Under Armour

There’s many more as well, but this list displays the caliber of names linked to the newest NBA 2K installment. The 100 Thieves organization is in good company. 

100T continues to excel with collaborations

This instance is not the first time we have seen 100 Thieves’ collaboration efforts. Recently, the organization brokered deals with Gucci, Halo, and Attack on Titan. Furthermore, the organization currently partners with Cash App, JBL, Chipotle, Lexus, and much more. 

An appearance in NBA2K23 could certainly boost the brand’s global appeal even more. Especially considering the last NBA2K game sold over 8 million units. Surely, the sky seems to be the limit for 100 Thieves—an organization that continues to excel and wisely navigate blowback from former members.

Over the years, 100Thieves has had a unique approach to its position in esports. While maintaining top tier esports rosters in several titles, the brand's focus has heavily been on entertainment and apparely wear. With some of its brand ambassadors being co-owners on the team such as Courage and Valkyrie, the social media presence of the company continues to grow across all platforms. It is interesting to see 100 Thieves announce collaborations with several big name designer brands. Its approach to sustainability in esports is a route that not many other teams are currently on.  

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