Gucci and 100 Thieves launch new backpack collab. Only 200 are available at a price tag of $2,500 cover image

Gucci and 100 Thieves launch new backpack collab. Only 200 are available at a price tag of $2,500

100 Thieves and Gucci launched a new a collab which will see the esports org have their own Gucci backpack. The deal was made official through a swanky video filmed in the 100 Thieves HQ,

100 Thieves and Gucci create a stunning, albeit expensive backpack

In a huge move for the esports brand, 100 Thieves broke the news last week of their Gucci collab. As their first major clothing partnership, 100 Thieves is continuing their focus on apparel with this massive announcement.

While fans may have expected a full collection, when the Gucci website went live today they show only one item; a $2,500 USD backpack. Furthermore, if you're looking to view the item first hand, you'll need to sign up for a My Gucci account. The backpack comes from Gucci's Off The Grid initiative which features recycled materials. Despite the high price, the pack is beautiful, very spacious and features a bright color scheme with both brand's logos.

The announcement video features some familiar faces for 100 Thieves fans. Valkyrae, BrookeAB, CouageJD, and Neekolul in addition to pro players Ssumday and Kenny - all players and creators donned in full Gucci garb. Org founder Nadeshot can also be seen in the video calling an all team meeting, which turns quickly into a very well dressed game of basketball. The stunning 100 Thieves Cash App Compound in Los Angeles was the backdrop for the fashionable video below.

Nadeshot addresses the high price tag of the collab

100 Thieves have been busy with collaborations lately, coming hot off their partnership with StreamBeats. While that one came at a total price of zero, this one was a tad higher. Many fans have already brought into question the high price tag, leading Nadeshot to address the concerns on stream. "I can't believe some people's responses," he says. "If you were in my shoes...worked your ass off for the last ten years making a name for yourself in gaming," he goes on to say, "...Gucci asks you to work with them and create a collaboration together... and you expect me to say no?"

As of release, there are only 200 backpacks ready for purchase. You can check Gucci's website for availability.