Valve has unveiled its DPC Winter 2022 Tour Fantasy league, and hints about the upcoming Battle Pass.

After weeks of waiting, and with the 2021-2022 Dota Pro Circuit season starting in view, Valve has released details of the Winter 2022 Tour, new Fantasy leagues, and info about the upcoming Battle Pass. The news was revealed in a post made late on Tuesday, November 24th, across social media, and on a dedicated announcement page.

The biggest news—Dota Fantasy is back for the regular DPC season. Fans love the Dota 2 compendium Fantasy during The International, but it’s only around for a short time. Valve has solved a problem that by introducing Fantasy to the main DPC season.

How will DPC Fantasy Work?

DPC Fantasy follows a familiar format with a few small differences
DPC Fantasy follows a familiar format with a few small differences

If you load up Dota 2 in the next few days, you might have noticed you’ve received 10 new starter packs. Just like the compendium ones, these represent DPC players. Slot these into the relevant positions and try to get points in the DPC Fantasy leagues!

Unlike the Compendium, DPC Fantasy will last over a set “period,” which is usually a week of games. You have a lineup for every single region, and you’ll have to set one for each. After the period is over, your highest-performing lineup will count towards your fantasy score. In the example, Valve gives: “if you place in the top 10% of one league and the top 50% of another, you will receive the points for the top 10% placement. Region rewards do not stack.”

This means you don’t have stacked rosters for every region… it just helps. You could just have a dominant team in a single region and farm Fantasy points every week.

As a reward for scoring highly each period, you receive Fantasy Levels. These will eventually be redeemed for an upcoming DPC Winter 2022 Tour treasure.

Battle Pass? Winter Event?!

The Fantasy announcement post signs off with some great news and a cryptic message—Valve is adding the “finishing touches” to the next Battle Pass, and they have “a special conundrum cooking.” The Battle Pass is set to release in the next few weeks, likely after the start of the DPC season.

As for the “conundrum,” we can only speculate that this could be a new special event. Or, if you’re feeling very hopeful, a tease at a new hero release. Full details about DPC Fantasy can be found here.

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