With a free Compendium launched by Valve, players have access to play Fantasy Dota. Now what exactly is this game? Let’s take a look!

Fantasy Dota is finally back! For a lot of players, this game is completely new. And for some, it is probably confusing to understand. In this guide, we’ll explain to you what is Fantasy Dota, how to play it, and what you can earn from the game.

What is Fantasy Dota?

Fantasy Dota is a feature that allows users to form their own team from the pool of The International 10 participants. Using the Player Cards, users can build their Fantasy Roster. Each day of TI10, users' Fantasy lineup can accumulate roster scores. If the score is high, users may have the chance to win Compendium Points. 

How to create a Fantasy Roster?

By clicking the Fantasy tab in the Dota 2 client, users will see a Fantasy Roster template.

Users MUST place two cores, one mid, and two supports for their Fantasy team. You can refer to the role of each player on their specific Player Cards.

How to play Fantasy Dota?

For each day of The International 10, users have to set up a Fantasy Roster. The players that you choose in your roster will earn you Fantasy points based on how well the players perform on that particular day. Silver and Gold cards have stat bonuses that will earn you more points.

At the end of each day, players in the top 10%/25%/50% of total Fantasy points earned for that day will earn Compendium Points. Those who land top 10%/25%/50% overall (until TI10 ends) will receive a bigger bonus at the end of the event.


There are certain rules and guidelines users should pay attention to.

Player Cards:

  • Silver and Gold Card stat bonuses randomly range from +5% to +25%
  • You cannot use multiple cards of the same player on the same day.
  • You can use a single player card on any number of days.

Scoring matches:

  • Only matches in The International 10 count towards fantasy points.
  • In a B03, only the best two games of the player will be counted for their player score.
  • In a B05, only the best three games of the player will be counted for their player score.
  • Rosters lock at the start of each day at 9:00 AM EEST (GMT+3).

The scoring stats are as below;

How to accumulate high points for your Fantasy Roster?

Here comes the tricky part. To earn a high roster score, users will have to set a roster comprising players that they predict will perform the best. 

First, refer to the schedule of The International 10 and mark when specific teams are playing. If you place a Player Card of a participant that is not playing on that particular day, then the slot is wasted. You will earn 0 player score from that specific Player Card. Thus, it’s important to check which teams will be playing on the day and form your Fantasy Roster according to schedule.

As of now, Valve has not announced TI10's schedule.

Users will also need to have some knowledge of the pro scene to predict wisely. Refer to the scoring stats and calculate which player might gain the highest player score. For example, if you think Arteezy will farm well, then you can already speculate that his points per Last Hit/Deny and points per GPM will be very high. Then it will be a great choice to place him in your Fantasy Roster. And do note that even if the player in your Fantasy Roster doesn’t win their match, the points will still be the same. So in this case, users might have to predict based on the player’s individual form.

Users should also use the Silver and Gold Card to gain more points. So before placing your Fantasy Roster, you might want to dig more Player Cards and get either Silver or Gold ones to boost your roster points.

What are the rewards?

Users with the highest score relative to the rest of the community will earn Compendium points. There are rewards for every single day throughout The International 10 and there will also be rewards for the end of the event.

With more Compendium points, users will get access to various in-game rewards.

Fantasy Dota will start on 7th October, so users will have a few more days to collect Player Cards and form their Fantasy lineup.

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